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No. Even though Spiders aren't insects they are arachnids and they produce silk.

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What is made by an insect?

Honey (bees) SIlk (silkworms)

Are Silkworms helpful or harmful?

Silkworms are the 2nd most useful insect known to mankind, as it produces silk, did you know that one cocoon is made of a single thread more or less 914 meters long.

What can silk be made from?

Silk comes from silkworms -- its only source for natural silk.

What are the uses of silkworms?

Silkworms are used for silk. There cacoons are made of silk. When the silkworms are in their cacoons, the owner boils and kills the worm giving he/she silk.

What are silkworms?

Silkworms are caterpillars that make silk.

What is the source of silk threads?

Silkworms, a type of caterpillar, are the source of silk threads. Silkworms make a cocoon about an inch long in an oval shape. Silkworms only eat the leaves of white mulberry trees.

Where is silk made?

its made from silkworms its made from silkworms

Where do we get silk from?

Silk is produced by silkworms (caterpillars).

Is a silkworm a worm?

No. Silkworms are actually the larva form of the silk moth, which is domesticated. True worms are Annelids, but the silkworm is actually an insect.

What is silk made from?

Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms.

What is silk from?

Most commercial silk is produced by silkworms.

Does silkworms silk come out of there anal opening?

Yes, silkworms silk comes out of there anal opening-(there butt-hole)

How does silk come from silk worms?

the silk which comes from silkworms is a kind of substance.

Does silk come from a silkworm?

Yes, silk does come from silkworms.

How do you make silk from Anicent China?

You make silk by silkworms.

Is silk from plant?

No. Silk fibre is spun by silkworms as cocoons.

How silk and wool obtained?

wool from sheep. silk from silkworms.

Is silk made from cotton?

Silk is not made from cotton. Silk is produced from silkworms and is a protein fibre (coming from animal but in this case, insect).Cotton and silk have different textures. Silk is smooth and cold to the touch where as cotton is more rough. Also, silk has more of a lustre compared to cotton.

Where does raw silk come from?

From silkworms.

Why did the people keeps silkworms?

To have silk.

What spins the strongest silk?

Silkworms do.

What does silkworms eat?

Silk ofcourse.

what is silk cultivation?

The farming of silkworms.

Why did the people of Huang He Valley raise silkworms?

It is not known how or why the people of Huang He Valley raised silkworms. The silkworms were most likely raised for their silk like in the rest of China. Silk was an extremely valuable product often only legally worn by the rulers of China when not exported.

How many kinds of natural silk are there?

Many. The silk from silkworms is the only one used in cloth making. Spiders make silk too, so do butterflies.