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Violence is a common part of skinhead culture. Fist fighting, especially after we've had a few to drink, happens quite a bit. Gun violence is almost known in the scene, though. (Note: I'm talking about real skinheads, who are non-racist, not so-called nazi skinheads.)

But skins can be very friendly, too. It's an aggressive scene, so like any macho scene with a lot of alcohol, you get plenty of scraps. THIS PIRSON IS KIND OF KERECT skinheads injoy heavymettle clubs I KNOW. We are onley vilent when provoked

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Skinheads are known to get extremely aggressive toward African Americans. They are a group that promotes White as the superior race and they applaud beating on anyone who thinks other wise. If you were an African American or a White man who believed in equality for all and you stood in front of skinheads and told them this you would probably get attacked. There are documentaries out there about the start of skinheads, how they recruit, the violent acts that skinheads have been charged with in the past, as well as how they gain their membership and how quickly they have done it.

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Q: Are skinheads violent
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Are there brown-eyed skinheads?

There are plenty of skinheads with brown eyes. White power skinheads can have any eye or hair color. Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARPS) can be any race.

When was Keystone State Skinheads created?

Keystone State Skinheads was created in 2001.

Are skinheads considered a gang?

While some skinheads are members of gangs or "crews", many skinheads consider themselves to be "independent". Many skinheads feel association with other skins based on the fact that they hold the same ideals and values.

What is a skinbyrd?

Originally meant to be the girlfriend, friend, or supporter of skinheads. It was stated that girls aren't supposed to be skinheads, but rather to help out the guys that are, but still wanted rank within the skinheads. So, they became skinbyrds. Some skinbyrds took on the look of skinheads, with the boots and shaved heads or Chelsea hair, but most remained anonymous and chose to look 'normal'. Some claim that there is no such thing as a female skinhead, and all that exists are skinbyrds. I suppose this though counts on what subgroup of skinheads you are. Traditional skinheads believe in skinbyrds, and racist ones do too. Sharp and Rash skinheads think of women as skinheads, however. See that girl over there, hanging out with all those skinheads, she's a skinbyrd.

When was Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice created?

Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice was created in 1987.

ALL Skinhead are not racist?

Real skinheads are not racist. There are skinheads of every race all over the globe.

Why do Skinheads hate black people?

because they just do. I am white and I will never allow myself to be racist. I am against skin heads,kkk's,white supremastists and stuff. I don't even like the fact they are still alive.- - - - -Dude, skinheads hate EVERYBODY except other skinheads and they're not completely in love with them. That's why they become skinheads in the first place.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i dont know why but skinheads need to get themselves a life

Do skinheads affect people?


What does a boots tattoo symbolize?


What is the percent of skinheads in America?

It is difficult to determine the exact percentage of skinheads in America as their numbers are relatively small and can vary over time. Skinheads form a small subset of the population and are considered to be a fringe extremist group with views that are not representative of the broader population.

Do skinheads like mixed people?

Unfortunately no they do not.

What are the meanings of skinhead tattoos?

It would all heavily depend on what the design is. As a former skinhead myself, I make it my personal mission to raise awareness to the vast majority of the world that do not know that there are two types of skinheads; racist skinheads (the idiots that most people know of and despise), and NON-RACIST skinheads (the ORIGINAL skinheads). Skinheads came directly from the Rude Boy culture in Jamaica in the late 50's and early 60's, and a good majority of skinheads were, and still are, black and ethnic. When Jamaicans started to immigrate to the UK in the late 60's and early 70's, the Rude Boy culture mixed with the growing rock and punk scene, and this is essentially where Skinheads came from. The image of the Non-Racist Skinheads was pretty much irreparably busted when the National Front in England started to enlist the more rowdy of the skinheads and the ones that were latently racist to begin with and basically turned them into a thug army. Nowadays, most people are completely unaware that there is even such a thing as a Non-Racist Skinhead, which MOST of the skinheads that you will ever see, are. The racist faction is a small and pathetic one.