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Skullies are no longer in AnimalJam because they looked inappropiate on pandas.


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an animaljam code for a free membership is butterfly

The rarest item on AnimalJam is either the skully or the orange beard.

To get wings on animaljam you will have to buy them from the store. Or you can trade fair items for them. THIS IS A EASY QUESTION o3o

Its a player in animaljam

What is a glove on AnimalJam? Ok, a glove on animaljam is the things you see people wearing on one of there foots. Most of the time you see them on there right foot, thats how they made them to put it on. Hoped that helped :)

no this is not the right answer it is a lie and don't trust this web site everyone know that you cant buy rares in animaljam

Beta testing won't come back. Skullies were also rare items that were WAY in the beginning of Animal Jam. Which means, since those beta items aren't coming back, testing won't come back. Skullies were one of the only tail items, too.

the thing is you need to trade

I know it it is 123456789123456789

Her Password is: Iamaprettyflowerlady

On animaljam you have to go to Jam Mart clothing and buy the member bat wings and type in- Non-member#6 and hop and run out of the store and look at your list, and there you go! Hope it helped!!- Sincerely, NeoSplash of Animaljam

They are coming out in march, 2011

trade for it or have someone send one to you.

Codes can give you bonuses on AnimalJam. Like gems or furniture. A code that I think is still working is gecko. It gives you a lime green gecko.

Unfortunately no there is not an eagle on animaljam. But that don't mean they can't make one, they could possibly put one on there. Although they have not made flying animals on there. Hope that helped :)

Honestly, the ice in Mt. Shiveer on AnimalJam never breaks. Even with many, many, many jammers, it never breaks.

no there is not. to get all of the animals you have to be a member!

anmailjampartywertyalexmaunlololololkiolyui unlited member

im pretty sure that you can be any age

you can but my advice DON'T DO IT people will report you.

it will appear by and underneath the aquarium

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