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No, small sub-centimeter lymph nodes of the neck is not always considered abnormal. There are some lymph nodes located in the neck that are larger than others, and they do not have to have pathogens in them.

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Medical term for small pebbly feeling lymph nodes?

Lymphadenitis is an inflammation of the lymph nodes. Lymphadenitis can make the lymph nodes have a small pebbly feeling when touched.

What are the results of a radical neck dissection?

Normal lymph nodes are small and show no cancerous cells under a microscope. Abnormal lymph nodes may be enlarged and show malignant cells when examined under a microscope.

What is a group of lymph nodes in the small intestine?

Pancreaticoduodenal lymph nodes. Regards Time is imaginary

What is the small knob of tissue that filters lymph?

lymph nodes

What is the medical term meaning small pebbly lymph nodes?

The condition of small, pebbly lymph nodes is known as shotty lymphadenopathy.

Are lymph nodes small?

Yes. They are very small.

Where do lymph nodes occur?

There are lymph nodes throughout the human body. Lymph nodes range in size from being as small as the head of a pin to the size of an olive. There are groups of lymph nodes which can normally be felt in the groin, underarms, and neck.

What is the small filtering structures to which afferent lymph vessels carry lymph?

Lymph nodes

What are small oval structures that occur in clusters along the paths of the lymph vessels?

The small oval structures that cluster along the lymph vessels are called lymph nodes. The nodes that can be palpated are the cervical, axillary and inguinal nodes.

What are the small bean shaped organs that remove particles from lymph?

Lymph nodes

Small bean shaped organs that remove particles from lymph?

Lymph Nodes :)

What is the groups of lymph nodes in the small intestine that clean the digestive system?

Peyer's Patches are lymph nodes that continuously clean the digestive system

What small oval structure is located along lymphatic vessels?

Lymph nodes Lymph node

What are the small organs found on lymphatic vessels?

Lymph nodes

What is the group of lymph nodes in the small intestine?

Peyer's patches

What is a small bean shaped organ that removes particles from lymph?

Lymph nodes, that's what everyone is saying...

What small pea shaped structures filter lymph as it flows through lymphatic vessels?

lymph nodes

Do Deodorant use affect lymph nodes?

The use of deodorant should not affect lymph nodes. Deodorant is applied on the skin. Lymph stays inside the body in the lymph system. While a very small amount of deodorant could enter the body through the pores, it is miniscule and not enough to affect the lymph nodes.

Small organs intimately associated with lymphatic vessels?

lymph nodes

Small organs that are associated with lympatic vessels are termed what?

Lymph nodes

A group of lymph nodes in the small intestine?

Peyer`s patches

What small organs intimately associated with lymphatic vessels?

Lymph nodes

What are lymph nodes?

Small, rounded structures along the small vessels of the lymphatic system that are part of the immune system. Lymph nodes are tiny spherical structures the size of a pin head in groups into which the lymphatic vessels drain through afferent vessels. The nodes filter the lymph, storing and destroying microorganisms by the production of lymphocytes. Once filtered the lymph leaves the node through the efferent lymph vessel. Popliteal, inguinal, iliac, abdominal, axillary, cubital and cervical are examples of groups of lymph nodes.

What ar lymph nodes?

Small, compact structures lying along the channels that carry lymph, a yellowish fluid. Lymph nodes produce white blood cells (lymphocytes), which are important in forming antibodies that fight disease.

What happens to lymph after it travels through the lymphatic system?

After it travels through the lymphatic system, the lymph nodes filter lymph, trapping bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms in the fluid.Lymphatic vessels open into veins and the fluid re-enters the bloodstream.As lymph flows through the lymphatic system, it passes through small knobs of tissue called lymph nodes. Lymph nodes filter the lymph, trapping bacteria and other microorganisms that cause disease. When the body is fighting an infection, the lymph nodes enlarge. If you've ever had "swollen glands" when you've been sick, you've actually had swollen lymph nodes.