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Snails are Born with Shells

When the snail is born, the shell it has is called a protoconch.

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Do snails come out of their eggs with a shell?

Snails are Born with ShellsWhen the snail is born, the shell it has is called a protoconch

How does snails get their shell?

Snails are actually born with a shell, it is as much a part of their body as our fingernails are to us.

Where do snails find there shell?

they are born with it

How do snails get there shell?

The snail get it's shell when they are first born.

When do snails grow there shells?

snails are born with tiny bits of shells as the snails grow the shell grows with it twirling round to form the shell. hope this helps :]

Do newly hatched garden snails have shells?

Yes, all snails are born with a shell.

Do snails come out of their shell to burrow?

No, snails do not leave their shell to burrow.

Are snails shell silky and watery?

Snails shell is silky and watery.

How long does a snail take to grow its shell?

Im pretty sure snails are born with their shell.

Can snails survive with out a shell?

Yes, snails can survive without a shell. Snails without shells are called slugs, and they can survive perfectly fine without a shell.

What is a snails first shell?

A snails is first shell is it's a egg my aunt has about for Snails two adults and two baby's

What is the foamy stuff on snails shell?

after snails mate it leaves a foamy substance on the shell

What are inside an snails shell?

A snail shell is hollow, snails hide in them to protect themselves

What are snails exoskeleton?

a snails has an exoskeleton known as a shell. The shell grows with the snail as it ages.

Do baby snails find empty shells?

Baby snails do not find empty shells, in fact, they are born with clear, soft shells. The shells harden as the snail consumes calcium and they start with the egg shell they hatched from. The shell grows with the snail and the inner circle of the shell is the shell the snail was born with.

How do snails differ from slugs?

While both are gastropods, snails have a shell while slugs do not have a shell.

What shelter do snails have?

the snails shell is it's shelter

Do snails change shells?

Snails do not change their shell.

Do water snails shed their shell?

No, they add to the existing shell, as land-snails do, and so enlarge the shell as the snail's body grows.

Do snails go in and out of their shell?

If threatened, a snail may retract into the shell for protection, but snails cannot leave the confines of the shell itself, as it is attached to it.

Are snails slugs?

Technically they are; slugs are snails without the shell.

Do snails live with out there shells?

The snails shell is part of its body

Where are snails brains?

It is in their shell

What is in a snails shell?

the snail :)

Do snails molt out of there shell?

i do not no