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Are snakes attracted to Rosemary plants?

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I do not know for sure ,but I can tell you this:our Rosemary plants have mouse holes under them ...and wherever mice are, snakes will be!

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Are snakes attracted to oleander plants?

I live in ms and we have two oleander plants in our back yard. Our yard is bordered by a ditch that is full of snakes. our neighbors kill snakes in their yards all the time. I have lived in my home for 6 months and i have never seen a snake our yard. And I thank these plants for it!

Are snakes attracted to warmth?


Are snakes attracted to pregnant women?

yes! because if you pregnant and you at the zoo near the snakes then they will not keep their big eyes off you. so yes snakes are attracted to pregnant.

Are snakes attracted to banana trees?


Are corn snakes attracted to light?


Which Christmas plants are not poisonous?


Which plants stop snakes from coming into your home?

It is said that curry leaves plants repel snakes.

Do snakes eat corn?

Ya..................CORN SNAKES!!!!!!!!!! Haha but srsly they do ... They dont eat CORN! They eat small rodents whitch are ATTRACTED to corn fields, so the snake is attracted to them.

What snakes eat plants?

None - all snakes are carnivores !

Do carol snakes eat plants?

No. All snakes are carnivores.

Are wasps attracted to basil plants?

no they are attracted to the bugs that are attracted to the long lasting flowers of a basil plant

Why do snakes spit on plants?

They do not.

Do snakes like banana trees?

Most snakes are attracted to banana trees in Mexico. Most of them aren't in the United States.

What kind of plants do rat snakes eat?

Rat snakes are carnivores. They eat small animals and eggs, not plants.

What herbs will deer eat?

they haven't touched my rosemary plants

Are basil and rosemary same?

No, they're entirely different plants.

What moshling can you get that are all any plants?

There is no Moshling that is attracted to just "any" three plants. You have to have specific plants to attract a Moshling. ChopChop is attracted by any three Dragon Fruits. Snookums is attracted by any three Star Blossoms.

Do snakes eat plants or berries?

Snakes only eat animals

Do adder snakes eat plants?

No - Adders, like all snakes are carnivores !

What are plants like parsley sage rosemary and thyme called?


How do you get rosemary branch to root?

Rosemary plants can be propagated by taking a cutting from a not flowering stem in mid summer. Please check the link below.

Are the wasps attracted to fruit plants?


Do spider plants attract spiders?

No, spiders are only be attracted by the bugs on the plants.

Is a sidewinder rattlesnake a carnivore?

Yes, all snakes are carnivores. There are no snakes that eat plants.

Are snakes a producer consumer or a decomposer?

Snakes are consumers. Green plants and algae are producers

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