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Not at all - snakes feed on vermin (rats, mice, voles, rabbits etc) which keeps their numbers controlled.

The only reason they get a bad press, is because the human race keeps encroaching on their natural habitat - bringing them into closer contact with snakes !

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Why do people think snakes are bad?

well all snakes are not bad sometimes they can be very loving.

What animal is bad to play with?


Why are cobra snakes bad pets?

Cobra snakes are bad pets because they are extremely harmful reptiles. They can kill you within a single bite.

Is a sea snake a bad snake or not?

It's venomous, but that does not make it bad. Some snakes are more beneficial to man than sea snakes, but they all serve a purpose.

What are the bad things about snakes?

they do bad (hurt) stuff and hurt people

How do snakes show bad manners at mealtimes?

They do not chew their food.

Are there poisonous snakes in Spain?

Yes there is!! But the most poisonous is the Pit Viper so really to be truthful the snakes there can be poisonous but not that bad.

Why do snakes have a bad reputaion?

In short cause people fear what they don't understand. The bible is not an excuse to kill snakes. The lord gave us 2 snakes on the Ark for a reason.

What does it mean when you have a fear of snakes?

It all depends on the type of person you are. If you are allergic to snakes, you will probably fear them. In fact, no matter what your situation is, possibly everyone will have a fear of snakes. People who have bad dreams of snakes will fear them, people who have encountered an experience with snakes, or people who have been attacked by snakes will probably fear them, too.

Can snakes eat ham?

No - ham is processed with salt - which is bad for a snake !

Why is the green ninja a bad guy in ninjago?

the evil snakes hynotised him

Why is whistling indoors bad luck?

it is bad luck to whistle in doors because in surten contries where there are mice and snakes

Why do snakes exist?

Snakes exist because they are one part of the nature and our planet. And why couldn't they exist?! The same is to ask: why do people exist? Snakes aren't bad. They help to keep the balance in the nature.

What is a pythons food chain?

a snakes food chain is when a snakes most main dinner.a snakes main dinner is a rat.i know this because i have a python...its okay the owners take the bad stuff out of it...but anyway its slimy.

Can snakes eat dogfood?

No. Dogfood is meant for dogs, thats why they call it that. It has ingredients that are bad for snakes, so it should only be used for dogs. Snakes should only eat whole animals, live or dead.

How do the snakes get on the plane in snakes on a plane?

when the kid saw that dude hangin over the bridge get killed he ran and the bad guy new he was gonna fly on that plain so he put the snakes killed the kid but they never did

Are snakes good or bad?

They are neither, they are an animal that has evolved to live on our planet and fulfil their place in the environment in which they live. Removing them or killing them will harm that environment as they are part of the natural ecosystem. Good and Bad are 'human' viewpoints which are not properly applied to the environment except to say that removing or killing snakes would be a BAD thing to do.

Why do snakes have a bad reputation?

Many people are uneducated and misinformed about snakes due to media exaggeration and bad depiction in literature. Additionally, snakes aren't exactly cute and cuddly and they are predators which automatically makes people think they're evil. If you learned about snakes just by watching TV, it's easy to believe that most snakes are 50 foot long venomous monsters that enjoy killing, but in reality only 10% of snakes are venomous and most would rather be left alone. I would say most media sources make snakes seem "evil" even though there is no such thing as an evil animal.

Is cedar toxic to snakes?

Yes, it is. Some claim that Pine is also bad for snakes as well. However, I have used it before with no ill effects. But Cedar is a no-no. Stick with Aspen and Fir.

What role does a lizard play?

It is a scaley reptile that helps eat the bad bugs and snakes in this world.

Is it bad for chickens to eat snakes?

No, it is not bad for chickens to eat snakes; they are actually a good source of protein and nutrients for chickens. In the spring and summer, you may notice that your backyard hens occasionally find and eat small snakes, such as black snakes, in the garden and yard. These are typically young snakes that have recently hatched and therefore are small and tender enough for consumption by chickens. At first it may look as though a hen has found a very large worm, but upon closer inspection you can verify that it is indeed a snake she is eating.

Are garter snakes bad?

no they are very common house snakes and very common to have in your backyard they can bite but is harmless but if you do get bit should do is put some lotion and soap than a band aid

Were skunks moved to Boston to kill rats?

If skunks were moved to Boston for this reason, it was a bad move. Where there's rats, there's snakes, and between the two, skunks will usually hunt snakes. Without the natural predator of snakes, rats will populate even further.

Is October a bad time for snakes in Melbourne Australia?

Yes. Snakes start to emerge more frequently with the onset of Spring. By October, the weather in Melbourne is warmer and drier, and snakes are beginning to be more active. Snake season will continue through to at least March.

Do some snakes eat bunnies?

i think they do but u shouldn't trust this website because they are really bad