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Ova (eggs) are produced in the ovary. They are formed from reproductive cells called primordial germ cells in a process called oogenesis.

The sperm are produced through spermatogenesis in the males gonads.

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Because mitosis creates duplicates of cells with complete copies of the chromosomes in each cell made. For eggs and sperm cells the cell division process has to end up with the eggs and sperm having just 1/2 of the chromosome numbers in each cell made. Eggs and sperm are therefore produced by 'meiosis' and not 'mitosis'.

During their early stages, mitosis is involved in the process of forming a sperm and egg. However, the majority of the process involves meiosis.

Mitosis forms all cells except for sperm cells, which are formed by Mieosis.

Gametes are eggs and sperm cells formed from meiosis. There are six chromosomes in each cell, half the genetic material needed for life.

Mitosis. Meiosis is when sex cells (eggs/sperm) reproduce.

in the production of eggs and of sperm the mitosis stage before the chromosomes are copied

All body cells except for those that form eggs or sperm.

Eggs are produced in the ovaries, then when they are formed they travel through the filopian tubes and met with a sperm.

Meiosis is the name of the type of cell division that forms eggs and sperm. Mitosis is the other kind of cell reproduction, which forms most other types of cells.

Sperm is the male reproductive structure produced from testis were egg is formed after fertilization of sperm and ovum (Zygote or developing embryo)

Mitosis for normal cells, meiosis to make gametes (eggs, sperm, pollen)

2 sperate eggs get fertilized by 2 separate sperm.

During female meiosis, only one egg cell is formed. During male meiosis, four sperm cells are formed.

Sperm enters the egg; egg turns because the 2 cells egg and sperm use mitosis to make more cells.

The zygote results from the combination of gametes (sperm and egg) during fertilization. The zygote undergoes mitosis after this, so that it can divide and grow into an organism.

mitosis happen because the cells duplicate after a while it splits in two and other cells are formed.Mitosis happens during cell division of non-gamete(somatic, everything but sperm and egg) cells.

Yes, the process used is Mitosis. Sex cells, such as Sperm and Eggs use a process called Meiosis.

In animals, meiosis occurs only when gametes (sperm, eggs) are formed.

There are two way twins are formed. Twins can form by two eggs being released by the female and the sperm will fertilize both eggs. The other way twins can be formed is if one fertilized egg divides and forms two eggs.

The nuceli in the sperm or egg cells have reactors that tell the cells to reproduce more then once (which is meiosis) and the neceli in other cells only have a reactor for one (which is mitosis)

the stage in mitosis when the spindle is formed is prophase!

Meiosis cell division is where the egg and sperm cells are created. Mitosis cell division is where two identical daughter cells are formed.

When a man's penis enters a woman's vagina, sperm comes out. The sperm joins the eggs, and then a baby is formed. (Basically, you have sex)

Both are sex cells, formed by meiosis, each cell with 23 chromosomes.

All sperm are haploid. Fully formed femael eggs are haploid.

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