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No, these are a safer alternative to tanning beds. Lotiens don't cause skin cancer or damage. They work just as well as tanning, you just need to reapply every few days.


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Some brands of tanning bed lotions include: Salon Supply Store, Pronto, Australian Gold, Millennium Tanning, Tan for less, and Tanning Lotions supply.

Indoor tanning lotions speed up the tanning process. If the skin is dry, it will just get sunburned and peel off. The lotions have ingredients that provide nutrition and hydration which enhance the tanning.

Most spray-on tanning lotions are simply pigments which bin and appear to brown the skin.

Indoor tanning lotions are designed specifically for use with an ultraviolet light source, which is found in tanning beds. There are several different options available with indoor tanning lotions, including lotions that give a bronzing effect, and lotions that moisturize the skin.

There are many alternatives to tanning in a tanning bed. Tanning outdoors is the easiest and cheapest method, but there are also many lotions you can use. Airbrush tanning is an option but it will be much more expensive than lotions or natural tanning.

Designer skin sell tanning lotions. They have a wide variety of tanning lotions and other lotions too. You can there website to see what kind you want.

"Designer Skin sells many different tanning lotions and bronzers. They have warming, tingling, intensifying, cooling and sunless lotions available on their website."

Tanning lotions are essential for tanning in tanning beds. There are several different reasons why and I'll explain them to you below. If you do not use a tanning lotion in a tanning bed you may damage your skin because of the harmful effects of UV light. Tanning lotions are designed to either block UV light or increase the effects of UV light on your skin. Tanning lotions will moisture your skin and some contain Vitamin E which helps repair damaged cells. Without moisturizing your skin you can develop wrinkles or have your skin peel. To read more about tanning lotions and their effects I suggest you read my article which will give you a basic understanding of the right lotion you should be using and the advantages of each of the 3 types of tanning lotions.

Go tanning for a long time, use tanning lotions

Currently Beach Bum Tanning Lotions do not contain SPF's. SPF's protect you skin from harmful rays.

Regular lotions will help your skin in the matter of keeping it moisturized, which is vital to keep your skin healthy while tanning. However, most tanning salons do not allow anything on the skin but tanning lotions as regular lotions can damage the plates on the tanning beds. My advice to you would be to get a tanning lotion, which will have everything you need to get a deep and dark tan while keeping your skin as damage-free as possible and not ruining the tanning beds.

Tanning accelerators DO help quicken the tanning process. Dry skin will reflect the UV rays that make you tan. By using the accelerator, the UV rays get absrbed into the skin, making you tan faster. TANNING WITHOUT LOTIONS IN A TANNING BED IS A WASTE OF TANNING TIME AND MONEY!

The safer option for tanning lotions and tanning beds would be self tanner. This way you don't have to be getting exposed to skin cancer. Banana Boat makes good products.

Tanning lotions have many different effects depending on the tanning lotion you plan on using. There are typically 3 types of lotions that you can use; accelerators, tingle lotions, and bronzers. Each has it's own unique features and should be used for whichever type of skin you have or your tolerance to UV light.

You should wear tanning lotion when on a tanning bed because these lotions that you buy at the salon help you absorb the tan better.

This is what ive been using and its the best among all the tanning lotions i tried before

no unless it sits there for years but if its been there for 6 months or less just shake it will before using

Nope! Tanning lotions work by being activated by UV light, so whether your indoor tanning or outdoor tanning, you can still use a tanning lotion. Using a lotion specifically for tanning will dramatically help boost your color to get darker faster, plus it has a lot of vitamins and minerals to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

I buy tanning lotions all the time. I use this and works great

Lotions with cocoa butter can help with tanning. Products with shea butter mimics sunscreen.

Which tanning lotions are best for a warm sunny day in Cairns, Queensland depends on the individual and whether they want tanning or sun protection, or both such as with an Australian Gold high SPF bronzer.

You can go tanning right away, just keep tanning lotions out of and away from the piercings.

This is a very popular question and I'll explain why it's better to apply indoor tanning lotions before tanning. Most indoor tanning lotions have some type of moisturizer in them. Moisturizers help protect your skin because they keep moisture inside your skin that would generally be lost due to the excessive heat inside the tanning bed. Applying lotions before entering the tanning bed at least 15 minutes before tanning allows those moisturizers and vitamins like vitamin E enough time to soak into your skin. If you apply tanning lotion right before entering the tanning bed your skin may not have enough time to soak up all of the moisturizers and UV protection before tanning which can have adverse effects on your skin.

You don't necessarily have to use a tanning lotion, however many will highly recommend it. Tanning lotions help you to get a darker color faster, plus if you go in a tanning bed with dry skin, 60% of the rays are bouncing off of you, so that's money wasted. On top of that tanning lotions have a lot of vitamins and minerals that help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

yes, but be aware that almost all indoor tanning lotions lack spf.

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