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Q: Are taxes due for a charge off?
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When is tax return due?

It must be postmarked by midnight, April 15th. You can get an extension which will make it due October 15 but the taxes are still due on April 15. If you do not pay the taxes by April 15, the IRS will charge you penalty and interest on taxes due although they do not pay you interest for the moneys they hold during the year.

Did Maryland charge taxes?

All governments charge taxes. Some governments have income taxes, some have property taxes, some have sales taxes.

When are 2009 taxes due?

Federal Form 1040 is due April 15, 2010.Other types of taxes such as corporate taxes, estimated taxes, local taxes, property taxes, employments taxes, excise taxes all have their own due dates.

Do you have to file an extension if no taxes are due?

No it is not necessary to file for an extension when no taxes are due or you would be due a refund.

When are taxes do?

Federal income taxes are due April 15 of the following year.Most state income taxes are due the same day, but check with your state.Other taxes such as property taxes, estimated taxes, sales taxes, etc. each have their own due date.

Are taxes due on 1099 R income in NC?

are taxes due on ssa 1099

Is it legal for an employer to charge a fee for taking local taxes out of your check?

Absolutely "NO". They cannot charge to withhold taxes. They can charge to withhold a garnishment if instructed by the court.

When are Income taxes are due by?

April 15th is when yearly taxes are due. although an extension can be filed

Are taxes due upon sale of lot in Florida?

Yes you know that the taxes are due when you sell property.

Which branch of government passes taxes?

This would be Congress. They are in charge of reviewing the budget and determining how much to charge for taxes each year.

What does write-off mean on a credit report?

A write off means a charge off. This is one a creditor closes an account due to non payments.

Can a used car dealer charge you twice for taxes on a car?

He can charge you anything you allow him to charge. If you feel you are getting ripped off just walk away. You control this and do not allow the dealer to pressure you into some deal you know is not right.

What is the definition of the term 'charge off'?

The term "charge off" is used when a company or creditor clears a persons account due to lack of payment at loss to the company. No further charges can be applied to the account.

What makes your hair stick off when you take off the sweater?

Static electricity, due to a transfer of charge, as the fabric moves over your hair.

When are my income taxes due?

In the United States income taxes are due on April 15th. In the case that this date falls on a weekend or perhaps a statutory holiday, then the due date for your taxes would be the following business day.

What is the one power of the state?

Charge Taxes

What four things is the president in charge of?


What taxes does federal government charge?


Is Microeconomics or macroeconomics in charge of tax on restaurant meals?

These taxes are part of indirect taxes , though taxes are imposed on individuals and paid by individuals it is a macro concept which is dealt by the govt.... hence it is macro economics in charge of these taxes...... however indirect taxes are managed by the state govt...

Why does the ac of 1999 olds intrigue go off and on at will?

It is normal for the compressor to cycle on and off If it is cycling excessively could be due to an incorrect refrigerant charge

Can a charge off affect home buying?

A charge-off is a notation on your credit report indicating that the original lender has written off the charge as unlikely to ever be paid. An account that is 120 to 180 days past due usually will be charged off. Obtaining a mortgage with a charge-off on your credit report is challenging, but if the charge-off is old enough and you rebuild your credit, you still may be able to obtain a loan with favorable terms. need more anyone just find in Florida unitedcounselors dot org

Will the iPod charge if it is off?

No, the iPod will not charge if it is off. The iPod must be on for it to charge.

How long does it take if you have a federal offset due to child support to get your taxes back?

As soon as it's paid off it reverts back to you.

What happened at the Boston tea party and Tea Act?

I believe all the tea was thrown off the boat into the water due to taxes.

When are these taxes due?

April 15th.