Are taxes due for a charge off?

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If what your asking is really

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Q: Are taxes due for a charge off?
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When is tax return due?

It must be postmarked by midnight, April 15th. You can get an extension which will make it due October 15 but the taxes are still due on April 15. If you do not pay the taxes by April 15, the IRS will charge you penalty and interest on taxes due although they do not pay you interest for the moneys they hold during the year.

Did Maryland charge taxes?

All governments charge taxes. Some governments have income taxes, some have property taxes, some have sales taxes.

When are 2009 taxes due?

Federal Form 1040 is due April 15, 2010.Other types of taxes such as corporate taxes, estimated taxes, local taxes, property taxes, employments taxes, excise taxes all have their own due dates.

When are taxes do?

Federal income taxes are due April 15 of the following year.Most state income taxes are due the same day, but check with your state.Other taxes such as property taxes, estimated taxes, sales taxes, etc. each have their own due date.

Do you have to file an extension if no taxes are due?

No it is not necessary to file for an extension when no taxes are due or you would be due a refund.

Are taxes due on 1099 R income in NC?

are taxes due on ssa 1099

Is it legal for an employer to charge a fee for taking local taxes out of your check?

Absolutely "NO". They cannot charge to withhold taxes. They can charge to withhold a garnishment if instructed by the court.

When are Income taxes are due by?

April 15th is when yearly taxes are due. although an extension can be filed

Why does an electr fan continues to rotate even after switiching off?

Because of capacitor used in the fan due to its capacity to store the charge nad emmit the charge after fan is switched off.

Which branch of government passes taxes?

This would be Congress. They are in charge of reviewing the budget and determining how much to charge for taxes each year.

What does write-off mean on a credit report?

A write off means a charge off. This is one a creditor closes an account due to non payments.

Are taxes due upon sale of lot in Florida?

Yes you know that the taxes are due when you sell property.

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