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Q: Are teeth hollow on the inside?
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Why are crocodiles teeth hollow?

Because the replacement teeth grow inside the existing one.

When was Inside the Hollow created?

Inside the Hollow was created on 2006-08-29.

Are human teeth hollow?

No, because when you chip a tooth there is no hollow compartment in the tooth.

What is inside a rattlesnake?

There is nothing inside the rattle, it is hollow.

What does it take to earn a hollow mask?

you have to kill your hollow inside of your mind

The electrical intensity inside a charged hollow sphere is?

The electric FIELD inside a charged hollow CONDUCTOR is zero.

What is inside of a cricket balls?

it is hollow

What is inside a LEGO?

There is nothing inside Lego it is not hollow inside a Lego it is solid.

What organ in the stomach is hollow?

The stomach is hollow. There are no individual organs inside the stomach.

What is sentence for hollow?

My son makes such poor decisions, sometimes I think his head is hollow.

Why are alligator teeth hollow?

The alligator's new tooth grows inside the old one, so it's already in place when the old tooth falls out. Alligators can grow 5 full sets of teeth over their lifetime.

What is inside your teeth?

Your teeth are filled with enamel.

What is inside a rattlesnakes tail?

There is nothing inside the rattle, it is hollow.

What does a saxophone had inside it?

Learn English - What does a saxophone have inside it?Answer - it is hollow - there is nothing inside a saxophone

Critical appreciation of 'hollow men' by T.S. Eliot.?

we are hollow inside. we are soulless. we do nothing

Can a rock be inside another rock?

Yes, If the rock that the other rock is inside it hollow or has a small hollow bit then another rock can be inside but it is unusual to find on like this.

What is inside a hollow block of wood?


How ichigo is to powerful?

Cause of the Hollow inside him

In the story Saint George and the Dragon what kind of teeth does the Dragon have?

The teeth are hollow and hold poison glands.

Why was the saber-toothed tiger teeth easy to break?

the teeth were hollow with veins and ateries running through

What fossil discovery of Spinosaurus teeth proved that they were hollow?

I'm afraid I don't have the answer to the precise study that proves it, but there are many images available of dissected or otherwise broken Spinosaurus teeth that reveal that they were hollow. fossil jaw fragments with broken teeth reveal that they were hollow. But the precise study, I'm searching for that myself.

What does hollow mean?

a cavity,opening,or space within somethingwhen something is hollow t has nothing inside it (when a tree is hollow it is empty)

What part of speech is the word 'hollow'?

The word hollow is an adjective. It means to have an empty space inside.

What is the hollow muscular pear-shaped organ inside the female body?

The hollow muscular pear-shaped organ inside the female body is the uterus.

Does Rukia have a Hollow?

She doesn't have a Hollow in the series. However, she does become a Shinigami-Hollow hybrid in the Bleach:Fade to Black movie. But Ichigo purifies her with Zangetsu, killing the Hollow inside her.