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The Nintendo DS (Original) Styli are small and thin The Nintendo DS Lite Styli are slightly longer and thicker, with a larger 'head' at the top The Nintendo DSi Styli are even longer, about the same thickness with a smaller 'head' HOWEVER, the DS Lite styli are still meant to work with and fit in the DSi perfectly.


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They use the same ones for the normal DS.

no the ds charger is not the same as the dsi charger and the ds charger will NOT work on the dsi

a dsi is bigger but thinner than a ds

yes. a dsi is the same as a normal ds but with a camera.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can use the same codes from the DS to the DSI, but you cannot use a DS Action Replay for the DSI, you have to use a DSi Action replay, which works with all, to get codes for DSi.

Yes Nintendo ds games work on DS, DS Lite and DSI. The DSI does not support gameboy advance games but the DS does.

No, the DS and DSi use the same cartridges.

Nintendo the ones who made the wii and the ds,ds lite,dsi,dsi XL and 3ds.

it alrady has. the dsi has the same games as the ds and ds lite. moron

No. the DSi is a few more in.'s then the DS Lite

Yes, they do. Though there are DSi enhanced games, both the Nintendo DS and DSi can play it.

The dsi headset is the same as the DS/DS lite headset. It is purchasable at Toys R Us.

Yes, Ds games work with the Dsi as well, but not Game-Boy games

No, the Nintendo DS lite charger is different than the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL

No, the DSi uses a different charger.

yes and they are the exact same only action replay dsi works also for dsi the normal ds one does not work on dsi

they all play the same type dsi play ds games

No, the Nintendo DS lite charger is not the same as the Nintendo DSi charger

ANYWHERE. The DSi can hold DS games. Its all the same.

The dsi is a tad bigger. But you cant tell because it is WAYYYY lighter than a ds lite.

Yes, they sell some stuff that says compatible with ds, dsi

No it has the same games as the regular DS......

The Nintendo DSi is just an upgraded version of the Nintendo DS and DS Lite. The Nintendo DSi plays the exact same games as the Nintendo DS and DS Lite and only plays DS and DS Lite games. Currently, there aren't going to be any DSi games, only more DS games.

yes all ds ds lite and dsi games are the same

no you can't play dsi games in ds but you can play ds games in dsi.

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