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Depends on the plate. There is a secondary market for collectibles and there are books that list the name of the plate and maker that give market value of the plate. The values are not constant and change daily. It is a little like the Stock Market. The value of a plate is determined by how rare it is and the subject. If you have the box and papers that came with the plate the value goes up. One way to find the value of your plate is to go on eBay and see what plates like yours are selling for. You can also go to a large book store and look in the collectibles books for your plate. I wouldn't buy the book but just look up what you have. Another resource is collectible magazines that are on plates. The market for plates and other collectibles is very active. I have sold many items on the secondary market, but to do this you need to know your values and facts.

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Q: Are the Hamilton Collection Plates worth anything?
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