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yes, they play sports and even do chores like other kids. yes, they play sports and even do chores like other kids.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-08 06:47:46
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Q: Are the Jonas Brothers like other kids?
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Do the Jonas Brothers have servants?

Nope, the Jonas Brothers are like any other reguar kids, they have to take out the trash and do there laundry just like us.

Do Nick Jonas like his other brothers?

They like each other as brothers, they are all wonderful people!

What Jonas Brothers like?

the Jonas brothers like guys

How do the Jonas Brothers look like?

Well the Jonas Brothers are all brothers so they do resemble each other because they share the same genes.

Do the Jonas brothers love boys?

Yes,but when they're like kids && they love each other cuz they're family not like LOVE like to go out or anything like that

Who is the cutest band The Naked Brothers or the Jonas brothers?


If you like the Jonas Brothers are you normal?

Of course!!! There are millions of girls and guys out there that like the Jonas Brothers!! Me and my best friends are like the only people in our school that like the Jonas Brothers but we don't care what people say. There are millions of other people out there that are like, in love with them!

Who do you like out of the Jonas Brothers?

i like Joe Jonas

Who here loves the Jonas Brothers?

Many users like the Jonas Brothers, but some don't. I like the Jonas Brothers, I like their music especially. Here are what other users have said:Everyone. Who has a brain at leastThat's so true. Cause everyone that doesn't love the Jonas Brothers are either mental or messed in the head.3. I like, no scratch that, I LOVE the Jonas Brothers. Nick is such a hottie.

Does Jonas Brothers like Arab people?

Jonas Brothers like all people

Is the Jonas Brothers better than the Naked Brothers Band?

yes, but other people like the naked brothers band better. it depends on who you are. BUT I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS :D

What does the Jonas Brothers like to do?

The Jonas Brothers like to golf and play tennis. Joe Jonas likes to jog.

Do the Jonas brothers like each other?

Yes. Surprisingly, they get along extremely well for brothers.

Do Jonas Brothers like linkin park?

the truth is, the Jonas brothers don't like them or hate them

Who is Jones brothers like?

the Jonas brothers are 3 brothers who sing and have there own show. they are joe Jonas,nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas?

Why don't the Jonas Brothers like Miley Cyrus anymore?

It has not been confirmed that the Jonas Brothers don't like Miley Cyrus. Just because Miley broke up with one of the Jonas brothers does not mean that they hate each other.

Do you like the Jonas Brothers i do?

Mostly everyone loves the Jonas Brothers including me.

What does the Jonas Brothers house in California look like?

this is what the Jonas brothers house looks like in California

Does linkin park like Jonas Brothers?

linkin park doesn't really like or hate the Jonas brothers, they are'NT competitors or anything, they both know each other but don't hate each other

Does Emily osment like the Jonas Brothers?

She is friends with the Jonas Brothers, but is not a fan of their music.

Do you like the Jonas Brothers if you know who i am talking about?

Yes. I love the Jonas Brothers. They Rock!!!!

Jonas Brothers SOS do you like it?

i love any song written by the Jonas brothers

How hot is Daniel?

He is so hot like the Jonas Brothers. jonas brothers are hotter

Does the Jonas brothers like the Sprouse brothers?


Who does vanessa like the best nick Joe or Kevin Jonas?

well since Vanessa the Jonas Brothers little sister..she and Joe Jonas..have the most in common and mostly talk..they are inseprable..the Jonas kids really love each other..but if Vanessa chose it would be Joe Jonas..hi