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No, the Templars are not evil.

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Q: Are the Templars evil
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Are templars Christians?

Yes, Templars are Christians.

How many knights templars were they?

approximately 15,000 Templars

When was Templars Square created?

Templars Square was created in 1965.

How do you become a member of the Blue Templars?

You have to be invited. For Liberty, The Blue Templars

What is the plural of templar?

The plural of templar is templars. As in "The templars stormed the castle".

Who are the Templars?

The Templars, were among most wealthy and powerful of the Western Christian military order. The Templars were officially by the Catholic church in 1129.

Who is the leader of the Black Templars?

AnswerMarshall Helbrecht is the Chapter Master of the Black Templars.

When was Good Templars Hall created?

Good Templars Hall was created in 1858.

How is killing guards justified in Assassin's Creed revalations?

? They're the Templars. They basically want to rule the entire universe by exploiting the powers of the Pieces of Eden. They are evil.

When was International Organisation of Good Templars created?

International Organisation of Good Templars was created in 1851.

Do the templars control the world?

No. The Templars do Not control the world. The world is governed by many different types of peoples.

Are the Templars or Free Masons Antichrist?


What are the assassin bugs predators?

the Templars

What is Assassin's creed characters?

By characters, you probably mean templars. Templars are the assassins that Desmond sees in Ezios memory. You will get an assassination contract to assassinate the templar. You can also play as several Templars in the multiplayer of Brotherhood.

What has the author J Willard Crane written?

J. Willard Crane has written: '\\' -- subject(s): British-American Order of Good Templars, Independent Order of Good Templars, Templars in Canada, Templiers

What has the author Barbara Frale written?

Barbara Frale has written: 'The Templars' -- subject(s): History, Military religious orders, Orders of knighthood and chivalry, Templars 'Il papato e il processo ai templari' -- subject(s): Inquisition, Trials, litigation, Trials (Heresy), Templars, History 'The Templars and the shroud of Christ' -- subject(s): Holy Shroud, Templars

What are templars?

Templars were knights of the Catholic Church. Thier symbol is a red cross upon a shield. If they still exist, it is in secret.

What has the author Malcolm Barber written?

Malcolm Barber has written: 'The trial of the Templars' -- subject(s): Templars (Order of chivalry)

An old friend returns achievement in assassins creed 2?

The templars attack the hideout and you (desmond) and lucy fight your way out. The "old friend" is whatshisname, the evil scientist from the first game.

Who wears a Red Cross on their armor?


How do you destroy zerg cerebrates?

Dark templars

Do assassins fight templars?

In this game, yes

Who are the templars in present day?

Abstergo Industries

How do you paint black templars?

If you are talking about the Black templars of the second founding chapter deriving from the Imperial fist in 40k. The Black Templars have been notoriously hard to paint. Upon failing that I recommend seeing the related link below.

Are Templars real?

Catholic AnswerThe Knights Templars were very real, and mostly all executed in the fourteen century, and disbanded by the Church. Modern "templars" are a branch of Freemasons which ape some of the clothing and rituals of the Templars but have no real connection with them. The Templars themselves (those still alive in the fourteenth century) were absorbed into other orders in the Church. The freemasons not only have no connection with them but have been condemned by nearly every Pope for the past two hundred years.