Are the WWE pay per views fake?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Yes...if you watch shows like CMT's Celebrity Wrestling, you'd see how professional they make these starrs look with a bit of training, and how the matches are rigged in terms of winners, and how choreographed they are from start to finish. I was a fan until I found this out!

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Q: Are the WWE pay per views fake?
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Is there a Sunday night WWE?

only Pay Per Views are on Sundays for WWE

Why does WWE retire pay per views?

To bring in new different ones.

How can you watch pay-per-view - PPV - events for free?

well there are boxing pay per views and wwe and tna and other stuff to watch wwe pay per views go to and subscribe, tna, you can find out some stuff on facebook and boxing i dont knowpay

What are the WWE pay-per-views?

The WWE pay-per-views are:Royal RumbleElimination ChamberWrestleManiaExtreme RulesWWE Over the LimitFatal 4 WayMoney in the BankSummerSlamNight of ChampionsHell In A CellWWE Bagging RightsSurvivor Series (reinstated)TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs

Why is wrestling the only sport that does pay per views?

Because wrestling is actually fake

Is WWE having only 5 pay per views in 2010?

No they have one every month

Will the royal rumble come to England?

no, wwe pay-per-views are only held in America .

Is back lash going to return in WWE?

Maybe. Backlash was one of their pay per views.

When is unforgivien in WWE?

well the wwe has change alot of pay per views and i mean they cant just be having the same old ppvs

Will new pay per views be made in the WWE?

Yes, Over the limit and Fatal Four Way

What are the names of the 2012 WWE pay-per-views?

no one know because new ppv are coming

Is Owen harts death fake?

No. It was real and it was an accident during a WWE pay per view event