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We are all loved :-) -Why do you ask?

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What are some Welsh dog breeds?

Here is a list of Welsh dog breeds:Black and Tan TerrierCardigan Welsh CorgiOld Welsh Grey SheepdogPembroke Welsh CorgiSealyham TerrierWelsh HilmanWelsh HoundWelsh SheepdogWelsh Springer SpanielWelsh Terrier

What is the Welsh word for 'Welsh'?

The welsh - Y CymryWelsh girl/woman - CymraesWelsh boy/man - CymroWelsh language - CymraegI wasn't sure if this is what you were looking for... but hope I helpedWel, It helped me!

With your welsh in welsh?

'gyda dy Gymraeg di' is 'with your Welsh'

What is the Welsh name for their language?

The Welsh word for "Welsh" is Cymraeg :)

What is the welsh meaning of flicker?

'Flicker' is not a Welsh word and has no meaning in Welsh.

What is the Welsh for 'Welsh research'?

ymchwil Gymreig = Welsh research ymchwil Gymraeg = Welsh language research

Who hated Benjamin Franklin?

Nobody really hated him, but there were many people who hated his views.

Why is the welsh cake welsh?

It's a Welsh cake because it was originated in Wales, so people call it a "Welsh Cake".

What does Haley mean in welsh?

Haley is not a Welsh word and has no meaning in Welsh.The only native Welsh name that is close is Heledd.

What is welsh in welsh?

The Welsh people Cymry; the language is Cymraeg; the adj. is Cymreig.

What is Welsh descent?

The term Welsh descent refers to having ancestors who were Welsh.

What is the difference between a welsh pony and a welsh cob?

welsh cobs are larger

What is Welsh for Thursday?

Thursday is Dydd Iau in Welsh i no because I'm welsh

Where do Welsh assembly meet?

The Welsh Assembly meet in the Welsh Assembly Building.

Why do people call wales 'Welsh wales'?

This generally means "Welsh-speaking Wales" -- a reference to those areas of the country where the Welsh language is commonly spoken, although sometimes people say "Welsh Wales" when they simply mean those parts of the country which look and feel "very Welsh".It's a translation of the Welsh phrase Cymru Cymraeg. But note that Welsh has two words for "Welsh".Cymraeg means Welsh by language (Welsh-speaking, written in Welsh, etc.).Cymreig means Welsh by nature (Welsh-born or descended, made in Wales, etc.)Thus:-- llyfr Cymraeg : a Welsh book (i.e. a book in Welsh)-- caws Cymreig : Welsh cheese (because cheese cannot speak any language!)

Who likes the Welsh?

I like the welsh

What granesha in Welsh?

No Welsh equivalent.

How is Adele Welsh?

Her father is welsh.

How do you say no in Welsh?

No in Welsh is dim.

What is the Welsh for Nikita?

No Welsh equivalent.

What is biology in Welsh?

Bioleg in Welsh

What is athletics in Welsh?

It is athletau in Welsh.

What does you mean in Welsh?

'You' is not a Welsh word.

How do you say welsh in welsh?