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They move 'mucus' and are cells that make up a 'mucous' membrane. Mucus is a noun, the thing that is secreted, and mucous is an adjective describing the quality of the thing that makes the mucus.

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Q: Are the cells that line the bronchi covered with cilia to help move mucous or mucus out of the lungs?
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What sticks to the cilia?

Mucous, made by mucous glands, stick to the cilia of cells that are found in the mucous membranes.

What lines the nasal cavities?

The nasal mucous membrane lines the nasal cavities.

What occurs when the cilia that line your trachea and bronchi?


How does cigarette smoke effect the mucous layer in bronchioles?

Cigarette smoke irritates cells in the bronchi and this irritation triggers special cells to produce a layer of mucus designed to trap the foreign particles irritating the cells. This layer of mucus is then suppose to be swept away by the Cilia, though the tar found in cigarette smoke slows the action of the cilia. This tar accumulates in the mucus layer, because the cilia are not able to respond due to the presence of this tar. In conclusion, the mucus layer will gradually grow over time because the cilia will not be able to sweep away the accumulated foreign particles.

Thin hairs attached to the mucous membranes?


What does cilia do to contaminated mucous?

Cilia push the contaminated mucus out ward. so as to protect your lungs from damage.

The cilia of its mucosa beat upward toward the larynx?

primary bronchi

Where are the cilia in the respiratory system located?

In the lining of the trachea, bronchi, and bronchioles.

Cells lining the upper respiratory tract are covered in that help sweep materials out of the respitratory system?


Hairlike structures along the surface of mucous membrane?


What is the purpose of the mucous membrane and cilia in the trachea?

Mucous membranes and cilia in the trachea trap and eliminate particulate matter from inhaled air. The membranes also warm and moisten incoming air.

What are bronchi coated with?

The bronchi are located in the lungs and are coated with mucus. They also have cilia which are small hair-like projections on the surface of the bronchi that move the mucus towards the outside of the body.