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Lungs are a pair of elastic and spongy organs that help the body breathe. They are present inside the rib cage in thoracic cavity of humans.

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How much CO2 ppm do human lungs exhale on average?

It depends on a number of factors such as age, heart rate and depth of breathing. However, on average a human being exhales around 40,000 PPM of CO2. ...
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What does the lungs do in the human body?

They help you breath. It takes in oxygen when you inhale, and forces out carbon dioxide when you exhale. ...
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What is the average lung capacity for a child?

the answer is most likely to be 500,000 ml
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What does the left lung do?

The left lung, although smaller than the right lung, does exactly the same thing: takes oxygen from the air and adds it to hemoglobin in the blood, so that all of the cells in the body can have oxygen to use in metabolism. ...
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Does a narwhal have lungs?

Yes, a narwhal is a whale and whales are mammals, therefore a narwhal has lungs ...
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Is angina contagious?

Only if the people who get it have been indulging in high fat food and lack of exercise together. Angina is pain caused by narrowing of arteries around the heart, so no. ...
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Are cow lungs healthy to eat?

Provided there is no disease in the lungs (pneumonia, lung parasites, cancer, etc.), the lung tissue is probably safe to eat. However, in the United States, bovine lungs are considered "naturally inedible" and are prohibited in the human food supply. ...
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Does THC prevent cancer?

The jury is still out on this question mostly. However, smoking marijuana can cause cancer. There is THC in 'weed' but there are also many other compounds. The fertilizers used in marijuana propagation, especially illicit, can cause cancer on their own with or without smoking it. The burning of the plant material and inhaling the smoke can cause cancer. Many avid, famous pot smokers have died of cancer, so even though THC may fight cancer, if you pound enough carcinogens into your body, NOTHING is...
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Can you feel your lungs?

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What are abnormal results of a lung biopsy?

Nodules in the lungs may be due to active infections such as tuberculosis, or may be scars from a previous infection. The lung cells on microscopic examination do not resemble normal cells, ...
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What are long term effects on human lungs of breathing animal urine?

Breathing animal urine does not pose a risk to most people. However, in concentrated amounts found in poorly ventilated areas, ammonia fumes produced by animal urine can cause a number of serious symptoms after long-term exposure. These symptoms may include burning and watering of the eyes, coughing, wheezing, headache, and nausea, among others. The World Health Organization considers ammonia to be a possible carcinogen, meaning that inhalation of these fumes may be linked to cancer growth. Never clean up animal urine that has...
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What is the normal SPO2 level in the human body?

British Thoracic Society guidelines state 94-98% sats for normal patients and 88-92% sats for hypercapnic COPD patients. ...
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Does the brain weight more than lungs?

yes a whole 7.3 pounds more
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Can a cat live with one lung?

Yes, cats can live with only one lung, however you need to get a vet's advice on how to care for it. :) ...
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Why is it that left lung is smaller than right lung?

The heart, while basically in the center of the chest, has more of its mass on the left. This means there is less space in the pleural cavity of the left thorax than the right. An image of the lungs alone reveals that there is also something displacing the bottom portion of the left lung. I'm not sure why this is. Hello why the left lung is smaller than the right one? Because it is below the heart. jimmyjouma It is smaller because the...
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What is the difference between Bronchitis and Bronchiolitis?

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchi. Can effect adults and children. Caused by viruses (influenza) mostly, but can be super imposed by bacterial infection also. Bronchiolitis is an inflammation of the bronchioles. It effects mainly children and caused by RSV (50% of the times) or other viruses. Most commonly during winter and spring months. Bronchi branch in the lungs and give rise to bronchioles. ...
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What commonly causes fluid in the lungs?

Fluid accumulation in the lungs occurs due to two reasons: Cardiogenic reasons where the heart fails to pump the blood to the systemic circulation, leading to build up of blood in the pulmonary circulation, which eventually leads to increased hydrostatic pressure and causes the fluids to leak from the capillaries into the lung itself. Non-cardiogenic reasons where severe infections for example, leads to the release of a huge amount of inflammatory agents, leading to large amount of fluids to escape from the capillaries since...
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How do you treat fluid accumulation in the lungs?

Go to the doctor
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Lungs receive deoxygenated blood?

From the pulmonary artery of the heart.