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Are the cherries of a weeping cherry tree edible?

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You should check the exact species of cherry tree just to be sure, but yes, Japanese cherries are edible, and within Japan are actually more expensive than the 'American' dark cherries for sale.

Is a weeping cherry tree a angiosperms

it tastes like kinda cherry wine {it a little bitter} and maybe a little bit of unwripped cherry

i climbed a tree and it only had 2 cherries, you only picked a cherry, not two cherries

You should fertilize a weeping cherry tree in early spring with a slow release fertilizer. The tree can be pruned at the same time.

Cherries come from a cherry tree. There are many different cherry tree varieties. If you want to grow a cherry tree, get the seed out and put it in the dirt and put water on it every day.

It's their seed. Cherries are basically a seed for the cherry tree.

It is false that cherries grow on cherry blossom trees. Flowers called cherry blossoms grow on cherry blossom trees.

Probably Prunus padus the Bird Cherry.

Cherries are the seed distribution system for the cherry tree, just as acorns are for the oak tree or apples are for the apple tree. The cherries grow, then birds an mammals eat them. When the creature drops a cherry or excretes the seed, a new cherry tree is planted. If the place the seed is dropped is suitable for the tree to grow, it will grow and eventually produce more cherries.

yes, a sweet cherry tree can be pollinated with a sour cherry tree, although the resulting seed inside the cherry if planted will produce a tree that bears either semi sweet ,or semi sour cherries. so dont plant these seeds unless you want these kind of cherries taking up space on your land. dont worry though, the sweet cherry tree will still produce sweet cherries even though it was pollinated with sour cherry pollin

Life is a bowl of cherries with a cherry on top cherry blossoms red as cherries cherry red lips wild cherry cherry pie cherry cobbler cherry tree cherry cola cherry soda cherry pit cherry picking time cherries jubilee cherry juice cherry picking

Cherries are a flowering tree of the genus Prunus.

207 cherrys are the most cherrys that will grow on a cherry tree 207 cherrys are the most cherrys that will grow on a cherry tree

You shouldn't need to shape a weeping cherry just remove any twigs or branches that are spoiling the shape.

There are more than one weeping cherry variety but probably the best is Prunus Kiku shidare Sakura.

Cherry trees reproduce sexually, producing seeds (which are then enclosed in cherries).

give one to a test subject and see his/her/their reaction and see if they are poisend in any way. by the way there plums.

sure.. why not go ahead... :)

yes you can, absolutely delicious!

Wow! Cherries come from a tree... And and orchid is a flower, that can grow in a tree, perhaps even a cherry tree. Though this is true, they are not the same organism, rather two totally different types. Cherry trees blossom before they produce the fruit. (Cherries)

Cherry blossom trees have been bred to produce flowers, not fruit.

Here's where I buy all my mature dwarf weeping cherry trees! Shoot them a quick email!

No. It depends upon the condition of the tree.

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