Cherries (fruit)

Cherries are a pitted fruit that grows in trees. They come in sweet and sour varieties. Cherries have a wide range of red coloration.

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Cherries (fruit)

How is the road test in cherry hill NJ?

I have my Road test in Cherry Hill. Make sure u have been driving and practiceing alot. First thing you will do is Parallel park. Then K Turn and you will then make a left onto Hampton road. The speed limit is 25 don't pay attention to the speed limit sign saying 45 its actually a sign that says 45 mph end point. Follow it all the way to the light. Make a left and follow it all the way down to the circle. go 3/4ths of the way around the circle and follow the road. You will go to the light and make a left. Then pull into the DMV driveway and congrats you have passsed.

Always be going 25

Make sure you look when k turning

Make sure that you stop completely behind a stop sign

Always look around to watch for pedestrians

Always watch your speed

Cherries (fruit)

How tall will a black cherry tree grow?

A black cherry tree will typicall grow bwtween 10 and 15 meters tall. Although, it depends on what kind of climate it is living in.

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Cherries (fruit)

Are Bing cherries toxic to small dogs?


Cherries (fruit)

Can bing cherries cause gas?

Any fruit could cause gas, since they all contain types of sugar. If you get too much sugar in your diet, the excess sugar can pass, undigested, to your large intestine, where bacteria can turn it into flatulence.

Cherries (fruit)

What does it mean if you can tie a cherry stem with your tongue?

Your talented and know how to use your tongue. Other than that doesn't mean much. some people say that you are a good kisser if you can do it fast. but some people dont agree! Also tying a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue is classified as an afrodisiac. ---- There is no evidence to support that being able to tie a cherry stem with your tongue means you're talented or a good kisser. It just means that your tongue, wich is a muscle, is strong. It means you are blessed with dexterity.

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Cherries (fruit)

What are burgundy cherries?

Bordeaux cherries, just as Maraschino cherries, are cherries which

have been treated to provide a specific taste and look. They are made

with dark cherries, corn syrup, flavorings, and food color, along with

preservatives and other additives which vary with the manufacturer.

They are used as a flavoring ingredient in items ranging from ice

cream to Black Forest Cake, and I love them all. The name Bordeaux

cherry and Burgundy cherry are often interchangable depending on which

appeals to the customer most in the ice cream and dessert market.

A source of information and contact to purchase may be found here:

( ) - This is the home page

of the Oregon Cherry Growers Cooperative. Click on "products" then on

the "ingredient" image to learn a little more about them. While they

do not have an online catalog, they could perhaps point you to where

you can buy them or maybe sell to you directly.

While I can find sources for Maraschino cherries which can be

purchased in small containers, such as already in your market, the

online sources for Bordeaux cherries are in large container 'lots' for

the commercial dairy and baking industry.

Cherries (fruit)

Do bing cherry trees have thorns?

a bit it's not a big thing to deal with.

Cherries (fruit)

Is a cherry a berry?

AnswerNo a cherry is not a berry because cherrys are in there own family of fruit and the hace a big seed wich most berries dont. they also grow on trees rather than bush's. AnswerNo, a cherry is not a berry the correct term for a cherry is a Drupe. Drupes are fleshy and juicy, but not throughour the entire fruit. Drupes have an outer fleshy layer and an inner woody layer calle d the stone (a.k.a. pit) that surrounds the seed.
Cherries (fruit)

Do cherry tress grow in FL?

I think a better question is will they bear fruit or just blooms in Florida?

They will grow there, but they will not bare fruit. Cherry trees require low temperatures for the buds to set and develop.

Cherries (fruit)

Is the cherry blossom annual biennial or perennial?

Cherry blossom is the flower of a cherry TREE. Trees live for years, they would therefore be regarded as perennials (but the term is usually applied to plants that die back over the winter).

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Cherries (fruit)

How much does a bing cherry weigh?

What is the circumference is the bing cherry?

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Cherries (fruit)

For how long is frozen ham good?

This is a quote from the Cook's Ham website:

The American Meat Institute recommends that you can freeze your ham (before opening the packaging) just as you would other meat for up to 3 months.

Other sites recommend that the ham should be used within 2 months. Cured meat doesn't last as long as you'd think in the freezer. See Related Links.

Cherries (fruit)

Where do cherry trees grow?

AnywhereCherry trees will grow wherever you plant them. But here are some tips as to what you should make sure of if you want it to grow and stay alive:

Choose a sunny location that has deep, well-drained soil and good air circulation. It is important for the soil to be well-drained because otherwise a tree that seemed healthy during drier years may die during a wet year because the soil is holding too much water. Avoid low areas where cold air settles, instead choose a more elevated area to prevent blossoms from being killed by frost. It is not a good idea to plant a cherry tree in areas surrounded by buildings or shade trees. Avoid planting plum trees or cherry trees in a location where there was a previous tree infected with a fungal disease like Verticillium Wilt.

Cherries (fruit)

What type of environment does cherries grow in?

warm weather mainly, they can grow in fairly cold weather i would say from 5C to 15C

Cherries (fruit)

What are cherry angiomas?

type of hemangioma.Cherry angiomas. These harmless, dilated capillaries appear as tiny, bright red-to-violet colored bumps

Carbohydrates and Low-Carb Diets
Cherries (fruit)

What are the nutrient values of sweet cherries?

cancer fighting photochemicals flavonoids magnesium potassium vit-c

Cherries (fruit)

Do all cherry trees produce cherries?


Cherries (fruit)

Where in the world do cherries come from?

they grow on trees on every continent except Antarctica

Cherries (fruit)

What is a cherry?

Cherries (Prunus avium) share their genus with plums, apricots, peaches, nectarines, and almonds. These plants are in the Rosaceae family, along with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, quinces, apples, pears. The family also includes ornamental trees and shrubs (such as roses, meadowsweets, photinias, firethorns, rowans, and hawthorns).

Tree Care
Cherries (fruit)

How do you prune a weeping cherry tree?

It depends on the look you want. You always trim the tree from the bottom of the tree. To make it look like an umbrella which is trimmed high, or a mushroom which is evened at the lowest point. You should always keep the strongest central "leader". This will be the support for the weeping limps when it is mature. The "mushroom look" will cause scars and will make the tree look unnatural. The idea behind the weeping cherry tree is to look as naturally beautiful as possible. You decide which direction the tree grows during its pruning, just make sure you pick a good strong leader. See the related link below.

Cherries (fruit)

Are cherry pits also the seeds?


Cherries (fruit)

What Happened To Royal Crown Sour Cherry Candy?

Do you mean Regal Crown Sour Cherries? I remember them from the 60's and early 70's. They came in a roll and were individually wrapped in waxed paper. My family used to travel from Southeast Michigan to Cleveland to visit my grandmother on the Ohio Turnpike, and always stopped at the rest stop half way, where my Dad would buy a roll for each of us. They were to die for, and that is the only place I ever remember seeing them. It made the 3-1/2 hour trip worthwhile! I have tried finding them and an internet search indicates that they are no longer made.

Cherries (fruit)

How many cherry tomatoes in a container?

The find out find out the weight of the tomatoes from the supermarket website and find the avarge weight of a cherry tomato then drive the total weight by the weight of one.

Cherries (fruit)

Can you eat flowering cherry tree cherries?

sure.. why not go ahead... :)

Cherries (fruit)

Can horse eat bing cherry?

one bing cerry would have little or no effect on a horse, but a basket will probably cause sickness or death. Cherry's, peaches, apples, nectarines and other fruit have cyanide in the seeds.


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