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No. They are exactly the same.

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Q: Are the doctors urine pregnancy tests more accurate than home pregnancy tests?
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Is it possible to be 8 weeks late and have a negative pregnancy test from doctors office?

Yes it is. The best thing to do is to have a blood pregnancy test done at your doctors office. This is highly accurate and the urine pregnancy tests do leave room for inaccuracies.

Is it possible to have a false positive urine pregnancy test?

Absolutely. Most Pregnancy tests tend to 90-96% accurate.

How accurate are doctor pregnancy tests?

A year and test at the doctors office is the same accuracy as good over-the-counter pregnancy tests at the drugstore, however, blood tests at the doctors office are much more accurate than urine tests at both the doctors office or at home. With that said, blood tests can produce a false negative if it is taken too early in the pregnancy! it happened to me! so if you think you may be pregnant and the blood test comes back negative don't drink or take any medications treat your body as if you are pregnant until you have another test and talk to your doctor.

How accurate is a urine pregnancy test?

Seriosuly about 99.9% because it tests straight from your uterus where the baby is being formed.

Can pregnancy be detected by a urine sample?

Yes, but this method is not accurate until at least two weeks after conception. Alternative methods are through blood tests, home pregnancy tests (which also uses your urine stream), and a less accurate way would be through symptoms. If pregnancy is not suspected but a doctor does an ultrasound,X-ray, etc, this can detect pregnancy as well but this won't be done to determine pregnancy alone.

Is blood pregnancy test more accurate than urine?

A serum (blood) pregnancy test is not necessarily more accurate than a urine test, but results may be obtained sooner in the pregnancy with a serum test for hCG, the hormone that signals pregnancy. Both methods test for the presence of human chorionic gonadotrophin which is present in the blood about 48 hours after implantation has occurred. It takes about 4 days for hCG to show up in detectable levels in the urine. Urine tests and serum tests are both highly accurate (about 97%) when performed correctly. Serum HCG tests may detect a pregnancy 6-14 days after ovulation, depending on the time of implantation. Urine HCG tests may detect a pregnancy 10 - 18 days after ovulation, depending on the time of implantation.

How do you know you are pregnant in early few days?

There is no real way to know until you get a positive pregnancy test. Blood tests given by dr's are usually accurate 10 to 14 after ovulation and home pregnancy tests and urine tests are usually accurate around 14 to 16 days after ovulation.

How can you get a bad urine test but hair test is clean?

Urine tests are more accurate than hair tests.

Is the test a blood test?

Pregnancy tests can be both blood tests ot urine tests.

How accurate are urine tests for anabolic steroids?

Urine tests are accurate for the detection of anabolic steroids use. The urine samples are sent to laboratories for testing. Home steroid tests bought over the counter are also considered effective.

Can urine tests detect THC?

Yes. If its a drug test, not a doctors urine analysis.

Are pregnancy tests the same as drug tests?

Pregnancy tests detect certain chemicals in a woman's urine which are otherwise not present if not pregnant. Otherwise NO.

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