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Are the fusion fall and dc hero in Sega?

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no there are not in sega there belong in there own universedexter will die and dc are normal peopleand Philip the hedgehog beat sonic? no sonic allways said to Philip "you are not strong to beat me nor the chaos power"sonic cannot be affected by the force attack and maren the hedgehog(guardenian) has the same power as Philip he can defeat with a chaos emerald or more emerald and maren sometime has feeling for shade the echidna but he does not love her only for as a friend and Philip"team chaos" member are shadow,rouge,e-123 omega,eggman,mephiles,nazo,black doom,team chaxcix, moise the echidna,metal sonic,metal over lord,metal knuckles,dark super sonic,mighty

demon sonic and shadow,blade the hedgehog,blue,king scorge the hedgehog and Fiona the fox,and chaos

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if you are looking for games like fussion fall........try marvel superhero squad..or dc universe online........they will do untill marvel universe online is released

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DC Comics Super Hero Adventures was created in 2003.

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It is not. He is a DC comics hero not a Marvel hero.

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Ninjago DC Comics Friends Hero Factory

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Wonder Woman.

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Big Gun

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The War of 1812