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No. With any species of kangaroo, its forepaws are significantly smaller than its large, elongated feet.

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Q: Are the kangaroo's forepaws bigger than its hind feet?
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What is bigger a kangaroo's forepaws or its hind paws?

The kangaroo's hind feet are much larger than its forepaws.

How many feet does a wallaby have?

Four. A wallaby has two long hind feet, and two short forepaws.

How many paws does each kangaroo have?

A kangaroo has two forepaws and two hind feet.

Which are larger a kangaroo's forepaws or its hind paws?

The kangaroo's hind legs are considerably larger than its forepaws.

What are kangaroos' feet called?

Kangaroos' feet do not have any particular name. They have hind legs and forelegs.

How does a kangaroo fight?

Kangaroos kick with their hind feet.

Do kangaroos have claws?

Yes. Kangaroos have claws on both their forelegs, and their long hind feet. The claws on their hind feet are particularly long and can be dangerous in a skirmish with another animal.

Do kangaroos and Koalas have long nails?

not necessarily, but both do have very sharp claws. Kangaroos have long nails on their forepaws and hind feet. Kangaroos will use the long, sharp nails on their hind feet as defence. The koala's nails are shorter, but curved, strong and very sharp. these claws can inflict some serious wounds on attacking animals, whilst they are also sharp enough to enable a koala to climb the smooth trunk of a very tall gum tree in a matter of seconds.

Which are larger a kangaroo's fore paws or hind paws?

The kangaroo's hind paws are much larger than its forepaws.

How many feet do grey and red kangaroos grow?

All species of kangaroos have two large hind legs and two smaller forelegs.

What did giant kangaroos look like?

Giant kangaroos, which died out thousands of years ago, were about twice the size of today's Red kangaroo, and were believed to have similar coloured fur. Instead of simple forepaws, they had strong forelimbs with two extra-long "fingers" with large claws, and each of their hind feet had a single large toe similar to a horse's hoof. It had a short face, rather than the long nose of today's kangaroos.

What are larger a kangaroos fore pore or its hind paws?

hind paws

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