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The majority of questions on WikiAnswers are actually unanswered.


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This is impossible to give an accurate answer to. Questions can be answered within literally seconds of appearing on the site - or remain unnswerd for years. It all depends on whether the right person, with the right knowledge has seen the question. Hundreds of questions are asked every second, and the vast majority are answered fairly quckly. If you refresh the unanswered questions page every few seconds - you'll see how quickly that happens.

The majority of unanswered questions on is not due to the answer being unknown... it is primarily due to the ambiguity of the questions for example... Why can't you answer some of my questions? Related Questions: Does the person who asked this question have an answer to a question and does not know how to post the answer? Does this person who asked this question wish to know why their question was left unanswered? As such it is highly recommended that questions be as specific as the answers the person who asked this question is searching for. Also, if your questions are not answered, you might want to put them in a category so it would be easier for someone to answer your questions. You can also add the questions unanswered to your watchlist.

The goal of this website is to have a huge vast majority of questions and answers. We want a lot of our questions answered so that we can become the leading Q&A site.

Many people do. There are some good answers on it. If someone gets their question answered, they will trust it. Some people may not have their question answered, so they will not trust it. The majority of answers given are correct as the majority of contributors give correct answers. There are also people looking out for questions that have been answered wrongly and will try to fix them, or remove any silly answers or comments made.

They don't ! The vast majority of answers on here are are given by real people !

Because most people asking them are cretins, most likely.

Yes, WikiAnswers volunteer contributors answer tens of thousands of questions every day. Questions that are placed in the appropriate categories and phrased with proper grammar, spelling and detail are much more likely to be answered than those without. Placing questions in the proper categories ensures that contributors who are knowledgeable about the subjects of the questions are able to easily find them.Some contributors to WikiAnswers may not answer questions which are obviously copied from an exam paper or look like a homework question as quickly as a real personal question from someone who is just seeking information about a subject or help with doing a job.Users contribute to WikiAnswers because they have an interest and oftentimes expertise in the subject matter of the questions and enjoy sharing their relevant knowledge with a worldwide audience.ORBecause some answers can be answered by total strangers, some of then don't even know the real answer. The majority of the time they do, but not always. Questions in which the answer is based on a opinion is not always 'right' the reader.

No, it is a collection of millions of humans. A wiki site is a collective effort where many people supply the information. WikiAnswers itself is a company, but most of the questions and answers come from volunteer contributors. The majority of the answers typed here is by humans. Some very old answers have been answered by a computer called True Knowlege.

Because the majority of people who ask the questions are stupid people. Isn't it sad? I can't necessarily argue with the above comment - however, what amazes me most is not the poor grammar, it is the lack of context and content.

There are some automated answers, but the vast majority are answered by real people like me. Many of us have answered thousands of questions here. You can answer questions too, if you see any you know the answers to. That is how all the people who regularly answerer questions here started.

That depends on who you're asking!We do have 'bots that help us answer questions, but there are real live supervisors working here, too.The vast majority of questions are answered by real humans who are interested and knowledgeable about certain subjects.

The vast majority of the questions that are answered are answered correctly. If you are aware of answers that are clearly wrong, you can make the corrections. Or you can contact a supervisor and ask them to make the correction.

You forgot the comma between incomplete and grammatically. I would say, that it is because the majority of the questions asked are by those with English as a second language or adolescents. There is also the other point; that the majority of the questions asked can be answered by typing one phrase into

No, The answers are people like you that want to spend their time to help give as correct as possible answers. So that means that you can answer questions also. Actually, there are some bots answering, but the majority of the answers come from real people.

The vast majority of users on the site are not mean. If someone is treating you meanly, contact a supervisor and they will sort it out for you.Remember that there are millions of questions and users on WikiAnswers and only a limited amount of people to deal with problems. We cannot find or see them all. It is your site too.

In my opinion - yes. Once you post a question - it's available to be seen by millions of people. The chances of getting a brilliant response are extremely likely. The majority of people who use this site have a wealth of accurate knowledge on a huge number of topics. Even if you don't get an immediate response, all questions do eventually get answered.

WikiAnswers uses Verdana (boldand regular) on the majority of its site.

Anyone can answer the questions, but a team of dedicated people answer the majority. These regular answerers can be recognized by their high trust point totals. The same team also attempts to vet and correct misleading or abusive answers.

WikiAnswers uses Verdana (bold and regular) on the majority of its site.Other fonts include:ElDorado (or Georgia)Myriad Pro (or Arial)

It doesn't ! WikiAnswers is a community of MILLIONS of people - it's not just ONE individual. The vast majority of questions get decent (and sometimes lengthy) answers. Perhaps your question wasn't worded right, posted in the wrong category or lacked sufficient information - resulting in an inferior answer.

That is probably because the question can be answered without a discussion or that you are the first person to have viewed it. I think you will find that the majority of questions on the site don't have discussions. that's mean you know

This is not a ministry page, it is a section of, which is a wiki-style Q&A site operated by The questions on the site are answered by volunteers, some of these volunteers are Mormon and some are not - anyone who is willing to answer questions is welcome. This site is not affiliated with any religion. The majority of the questions relating to Mormonism are answered by Mormons, some of whom consider answering questions on this site a personal ministry. If you are interested in seeing some of the official pages of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church), check out the "Related Links" below.

The vast majority of questions have been answered by qualified and experienced individuals. There is a percentage that has been spammed and bombed by vandals and misguided individuals.

Most of the answers are provided by volunteer experts and normal people who enjoy helping others and the quest for knowledge. A few answers are provided automatically from professional databases, but the majority of questions are answered manually.

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