Are the mushroom coral hard or soft?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Are the mushroom coral hard or soft?
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Is finger coral soft or hard coral?

hard coral

Is elkhorn coral soft or hard coral?

It is a hard coral

Is Lettuce Coral soft or hard coral?


Is a black coral is a type a hard or soft?


How identify the coral specimen is hard or soft?

It is difficult or hard to identify a coral specimen

Are soft polyps and hard polyps the same?

No. soft coral polyps have eight feathery tenticles whereas hard coral polyps have flat tenticles. :)

Is lace coral a hard or soft coral?

It is a hard coral that is usually lace like in apearence and come in a variety of colours.

Is coral specimen soft or hard?

I believe that the Coral specimen is hard and rocky, though there could also be specimens that are soft, considering that Coral comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It is more often hard and bumpy than soft like a sponge.

What different types of species of coral are there?

well their is soft coral and hard coral +brain coral breanha coral lily coral and extra coral

What are some differences between hard and soft corals?

for one, hard coral has less give making it rather hard. Soft coral on the other hand, is mainly comprised of sponges, sand, sea cucumbers, and feather mattresses

What is the soft part of the Great Barrier Reef made of?

The Great Barrier Reef is made up of both hard corals and soft corals. The term 'soft coral' is the name given to the coral group with the scientific name of Alcyonacea. They are different from hard coral polyps, which have multiples of six tentacles, by the fact that the soft coral polyps always have eight tentacles.

Is a sea anemone a soft coral or hard coral?

Niether. Sea anemones are not corals, though they are related to them.