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Wal-Mart offer many styles and brands shoes to choose from. Some of the brands are LEI Starter and Nobo to name a few. They are not brands that everyone know as they are only carry by Wal-Mart.

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Q: Are the running shoes at Wal-Mart a name brand?
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Does Walmart sell good cheap running shoes?

Yes, You can purchase name brand cheap shoes, such as Champion, from WalMart, and they will have it delivered to the store for free or to your home for a nominal cost.

How much are Merrill running shoes?

It depends on the name brand at who makes them. If it is a name brand running shoe it could range from anywhere between $150.00 and up. If it isn't then it would be less.

Should I buy a Men's Nike shoe for my new pair of running shoes?

I do not recommend buying Nike running shoes because you are simply paying extra money for the name brand when there are other brands of running shoes that are just as good as Nike. Merrell brand running shoes are just as good as Nike but less expensive and can be found on

Where do I find mizuno running shoes warehouse and is it expensive?

Mizuno has a website to order their running shoes, but can be close to 100 dollars or more. If you are looking to stay in shape by running, you could also find name brand running shoes that are supportive and less expensive.

What is the best name brand cross country running shoe?

Some of the best name brand running shoes are Nike, Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, and Saucony. Reviews can be found online to determine which is best for you.

Are the Mizuno women's running shoes durable?

Yes, mizuno is the top brand name in running shoes. Any pair of shoes you choose to buy from the retailer will last a long time, and are very durable and comfortable.

Where can I get brand name running shoes rankings?

A great place to get this information would be It offer 30 different site you to get all type of information.

What are the lowest price, name brand running shoes?

Nike makes the best and you can find low priced Nikes.

What is the price for non-name brand running shoes wholesale?

To buy non-name brand running shoes wholesale there is a minimum order of about 2000-5000 pairs of shoes. The totals of the order come out to about $7-9 per pair.

Where can I buy a cheap running jacket?

Depending on what you are looking for such as brand, quality, and style, you can purchase an inexpensive running jacket at stores such as Walmart. If you are looking for something name brand, you can look at brand outlet stores such as the Adidas Outlet Store.

What brand name running shoes will help me with my confidence?

Nike has some great running shoes, that can be shown off at the gym. They have many to choose from. Many different colors. Many different styles to choose from. Everyone will be want your shoes.

Does Kelley's Running Warehouse carry name brand merchandise?

The brand name "Kelley's Running Warehouse" does not carry name brand merchandise. However, if you go to their store/outlet, you may find many other very good shoes there. They have very high quality and for good prices.

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