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Q: Are the sierra nevadas geologically active?
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Is deimos geologically active?

Deimos is not geologically active.

What is the length of the Sierra Nevadas mountain?


Where are the Sierra Nevada mountains?

The Sierra Nevadas are along the coastal line of California

Explain what the rocks of the sierra nevadas tell geologists about the geologic history of California?

because the rocks are in sierra nevadas

A mountain range in eastern California?

sierra nevadas

What is an example of fault-block mountain?

the sierra nevadas

What is the mountain range to the east of Bakersfield?

The Sierra Nevadas.

What mountains can be found in west California?

The Sierra Nevadas.

What is the nickname for the sierra nevadas mountain?

moutain of light

What is the name of a Canadian mountain range?

sierra nevadas

What kind of fault is Sierra Nevadas were formed?


Are any asteroids geologically active?

No. Asteroids do not have enough mass to become geologically active.

Sentences for geologically active?

Is there any geologically active volcano"s in japan? I know there is

Why is Earth geologically active?

The Earth is geologically active due to the convection of heat from the planet's interior.

In what mountain range is the Mother Lode located?

Sierra Nevadas

In what mountain range in California is the mother lode?

Sierra Nevadas

Is the Sierra Nevadas in Nevada and California?

Yes but they are mostly in California.

In which state has there been the most gold mined?

in the sierra nevadas :)

What mountain ranges follow the California coastline?

It is the Sierra Nevadas

Which state contains the sierra Nevadas?

Both California and Nevada

What are the famous mountains in Spain or Madrid?

Madrid is not in the mountains. The Pyrenees Mountains in the north, and the Sierra Nevadas in the south are well known ranges. The American Sierra Nevadas are named after the range in Spain.

What are Nevadas main land regions?

it is the great basin and the sierra Nevada

Many of these faults occurred when the Sierra Nevadas were formed?

Normal faults

What are the most famous mountains in Spain?

The Sierra Nevadas is southern Spain.

What is a large range in the US?

the rocky mountains, sierra Nevadas or Appalachians