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yes they are, 89-92 are interchangeable, but not 88

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Is 1993 Mazda mx6 moon roof interchangeable with 1995 Mazda mx6?

mx6 got no moonroof - only a sunroof and YES its interchangeable

Are all Mazda BP engines compatible?

All Mazda B series engines are interchangeable.

What is interchangeable with a 1996 Ford Ranger?

a 96 Mazda pickup

Is 1993 Mazda mx6 interchangeable with 1995 Mazda mx6?

most parts are yes. most parts are also interchangeable for ford probes of the same year range (excluding body parts of course --- Many interchangeable parts on 1993 Mazda Mx6: 1993-1996 Mazda 626 1993-1996 Ford Probe some parts off the Mazda MX3 some parts off the 1998-2003 Mazda Protege some parts with 1996 are not compatible due to OBDII legislature, which changed emissions and other changes.

Are Mazda 3 tail lights interchangeable?

Yes they are. I've seen a Mazda 3 around my town with after market LED's. Looks very nice.

How is Ford related to Mazda?

Ford Motor Company owns a percentage of Mazda, and some plants produce both Fords & Mazdas. Some parts are interchangeable.

What is the difference between a mazda 3 and a mazda 4?

Mazda 3 exists. Mazda 4 doesn't. Did you mean Mazda 5? The difference between the Mazda 3 and the Mazda 4 is that the Mazda 3 is a compact car manufactered by Mazda. It was introduced in 2004. The biggest difference between the two, is that the Mazda 4, doesn't exist.

What bucket seats are interchangeable with a Ford Ranger?

Any buckets from a Mazda B-series pick up of the same body style. The Mazda B series is a Ford Ranger with different lights, badges, and slightly different quarter panels. But 99% of your Ford and the Mazda are interchangeable. Even the doors, dash, headliner, etc. I have a 94' B series.

What other year truck parts are interchangeable with a 2000 Mazda B3000 pickup?

just 2000 ford ranger truck parts. I knoq that ford company made this Mazda b3000 model.

Are 1991 Mazda and 1992 Mazda parts interchangeable?

That would all depend on what model you are refering too. 1991 and 1992 Mazda 323 parts are all interchangable (there may be a few exceptions). If your refering to another model, someone else will have to address that aspect.

What are some interchangeable transmissions for automatic 1994 Ford Aspire?

Front wheel drive Mazda transmissions used with the B series engines.

Is the cv shaft passenger side interchangeable with a Mazda 626?

ive bought and installed a 5-speed man.trans on a 96 probe that came from a mazda 626 now the pass. side cv shaft will not go all the way in

What Size speakers does a 1997 Mazda 626 need?

it really takes 6x8 for both front and rear but 5x7 will work too. they are almost interchangeable.

What is the lug pattern on an 86 Mazda B2000?

Its 6x5.5 same as a Chevy, Toyota, Cadillac and Nissan 6 lug patterns so the wheels are interchangeable.

Is there a specific ball joint for the left and right side of a Mazda Protege?

as far as i know, almost every car isMazda Protege Ball JointsI finally found the answer to my own question so if anyone else needs to know, for this specific year of the Mazda protege, ball joints ARE interchangeable.

Would the engine of a 93 ranger bolt behind a transmission manual shift of a 90 madza B2200 both having 4-cylinder engines?

NO!! The Mazda engine and ford engine are totally different period.Mazda was still strickly Mazda until 1993. It was not until 1994 when Mazda and ford became the same on engine and tranmission similarities.You need a Mazda engine for your Mazda transmission.Note the 1986-1993 Mazda bseries trucks are all Mazda manufactured.Ford is not interchangeable with these models period.

Is a headlight turnsignal arm from a 88 tracer interchangeable with an 88 323 Mazda dealer wants over 200.00?

It should work as the Tracer is just a rebadged Mazda 323. A close look at them should let you know, especially if the wiring is the same.

What engines are interchangeable with the Mazda 2.0L?

1993-1996 Ford Probe, Mazda 626, Mx6, and 1998-2003 Protege all share the basic FS block (2.0L DOHC). the electronics, manifolds, fuel delivery, and ignition may have differences.

Are the 2nd and 3rd row seat headrests on a 2003 Mazda MPV interchangeable?

No, they aren't. The second row are larger (same as front seats) and the posts are further apart.

Are 1994 Ford Ranger body parts interchangeable with a 1994 Mazda b2300 ex stepside bed?

Can you take a Ford Ranger 1994 bed and put it on a 1994 Mazda B2300? Truth be told, they are the same truck. My 1995 B2300 has "Made for Mazda by Ford" on a sticker inside the door of the driver's side. Also, the Chilton's manual for the Mazda B series trucks are the same as the one for the Ford Ranger.

What is the difference between a Mazda 929 and Mazda 929s?

the s is a higher horse engine by about 30 horse I believe

Will a 1991 Mazda 5 speed transmission intercahnge with a 1993 Mazda 626 transmission?

Unfortunately these are not interchangeable. The 1993 model was a complete retooling of the 626, a bad one at that....the 1991 had an excellent transmission, the 1993 through 1998 were all terrible. In theory, you could retrofit, but that would be expensive.

What is the Spark plug gap for a Mazda familia 1996?

The spark plug gap for a 1996 Mazda Familia should be set between 1.0 and 1.1 mm. This is stated in the adjustment data from Mazda.

Can Chevy cavalier 5x 100 rims fit on Mazda 3?

No...Mazda 3 needs 5X114.3 with offset between 42-52

The difference between a Mazda b2600 pickup and a Mazda b2600i pickup?

B2600 has a carburetor system and B2600i has an injection system.