Are the werewolves in trouble

Updated: 11/23/2022
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yes we are. especially around where I live, if you are a werewolf, then please message me, we need your help!

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Q: Are the werewolves in trouble
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Who of the werewolves in twilight loses his temper around Bella?

paul as he has trouble controling his temper sometimes

Why do werewolves howl?

the wolf howls to get in contact with other wolfs or to signify something like that their in trouble or etc..

Are werewolves inmortal?

yes werewolves can die if they do not get there meat and nutrition

Does Romania have werewolves?

We haven't werewolves.

Was there any werewolves in woonsocket ri?

there is no proof of werewolves, however there are stories of werewolves in fairmount

What is a group of werewolves called?

Trouble. Were-wolves are not sociable creatures and do not groupl It is true that werewolves are not sociable creatures, however they do indeed group. In a "pack" or "route" of werewolves there is the Alpha werewolf, this is the original lycanthrope, or the first to transform via sorcery, satanic allegiance, curse, etc. The other members of the pack are referred to as the Beta werewolves, and achieved their beasly status from being bitten by the Alpha werewolf.

What kind of werewolves are there?

There are some good werewolves and some bad ones too. But if you put the answer like this "Werewolves don't exist" then that's not an answer!!!! But it's true that werewolves don't exist.

Are shapeshifters and werewolves enemys?

Werewolves are shapeshifters

What do werewolves enjoy?

werewolves enjoy the moon

Are there still werewolves?

No. Werewolves do not exist and never did.

Are there werewolves on the moon?

Yes, Werewolves their usually are.

Are there werewolves in Ohio?

No, werewolves are just myths