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This is not a double die error it's called a repunched mint mark.The San Francisco mint has 5 known varieties and Denver has 17. As for value only one Denver variety is bold enough for a premium. In the grade of F-12 retail price is $10.00.

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Q: Are there 1943 steel wheat pennies with a double mint mark?
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Are all wheat pennies made of steel?

No, most wheat pennies are made of copper. Only the 1943 pennies were made from zinc coated steel. There were about 40 made from copper in 1943 and they bring up to $82,000 each!

What Metals were used in the 1943 Wheat Pennies?

Steel-plated zinc.

Does the steel and wheat penny magnitize?

The only magnetic US coin is the 1943 steel cent. All other wheat pennies are made of copper, which is not magnetic.

How much is a 1943 silver wheat-head penny worth?

Wheat pennies from 1943 are zinc-coated steel, not silver. On average, they're worth 10 cents.

How much is a 1947 silver wheat back penny sell for?

Well . . . there have never been any silver pennies minted in the US, so you must be talking about the steel pennies. As far as I know, 1943 was the only year that steel pennies, or 'steelies', were minted.

What years were steel pennies minted?


Was the 1943 bronze wheat penny magnetic?

1943 was nearly all steel cents, which ARE magnetic. Only a dozen or so genuine copper '43 pennies are known to exist, and they are NOT magnetic.

How many 1943 steel wheat S pennies are there in the US?

A total of 191,550,000 was minted in the U.S. of 1943s. How many are still around ? It is impossible to say.

Was there a steel pennies made in 1961 that was not for circulation?

Steel pennies were only minted in 1943, however some examples of steel pennies being struck in error in 1944.

What is the value of a 1939 steel wheat penny?

Check the date again and it should say 1943. This was the only year steel pennies were made. Ask how much a 1943 steel penny is worth and you should find the answer. If an answer doesn't come up there should be on in the related questions section.

What is the nickname for 1943 pennies?

Steelies. Short for "steel cents." Copper was needed for the war, so pennies were cast out of steel.

What a 1943 wheat penny looks like?

It has the exact same design as all other wheat pennies, but it was made out of steel instead of copper. They were coated in zinc when new which made them shiny, but the plating wore off quickly so most steel cents are a dull gray.