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There are two ways to have a 1957 silver metal wheat penny : 1) If it was struck on the wrong planchet (like the silver planchet for a dime). This would be considered an error coin and can be worth as much as $50 2) If somebody has silver plated a normal penny. This would be considered a novelty item and would have no added collector value.

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Q: Are there 1957 silver metal wheat pennies?
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Are 1957 or 1957-D wheat pennies worth anything?

I'm 1957 December wheat penny value

Are there any capped 1957 wheat pennies bronze composite NO d?

All wheat pennies are bronze, so please be more specific and post new question.

What is the value of a Canadian silver penny from 1957?

Canadian pennies were never made of silver.

What is the Value of 1957 silver wheat penny?

The US Mint did not produce any silver wheat cents in 1957. If you have one it has been coated with something after it left to mint. Coins such as this have very little numismatic {fancy word for coin collecting} value.

How much is a silver and copper 1957 penny worth?

A 1957 cent is all copper. The silver part has been coated with some other metal, so this is a damaged coin with no numismatic value.

What is a series 1957 b silver dollar certificate?

1957-B was the last series of silver certificates printed in the US. They were actually printed between 1963 and 1965; the "B" indicates they were the third issue in the series that started in 1957 (the first issue doesn't have a letter). Like all silver certificates, a 1957-B silver certificate represented $1 worth of silver metal on deposit with the US Treasury. The number of silver certificates was limited by the total amount of metal held by the government. Up till 1968 it was possible to redeem a silver certificate for silver metal, but that practice ended when silver was deregulated and its price floated on the open market. At that point silver certificates were treated just like any other $1 bill, and became simply a medium of exchange.

What is the value of a 1957 silver penny?

The U.S. never minted a silver penny. It would have more than a dime's worth of silver in it. Your coin is almost certainly plated with a silver-colored metal and has no extra value.

How much silver would a person get for a 1957 silver certificate?

Redemption of silver certificates for silver metal was suspended back in 1968. Today they only have value as collectibles. Some of the common dates such as 1957, or 1935 with later series letters (F, G, etc) are only worth a small amount more than $1.

What type of metal is a 1957 penny made of?

A 1957 penny is made of bronze, an alloy of 95% copper with the rest being varying amounts of tin and zinc. There were over 1 billion pennies made in that year, with all of them being made of bronze.

What is the value of a 1965 US 1 dollar silver certificate?

The last silver certificates were dated 1957 and there are no US bills dated 1965. By 1965 the U.S. had stopped making coins from silver and discontinued the policy of redeeming silver certificates for metal.

What is the value of a roll of uncirculated 1957 Canadian pennies?

About $40

What is the value of a 1957 unmarked wheat penny?

3 cents.

Why is 1957 silver dollar more valuable than 1928 silver dollar?

There's no such thing as a U.S. silver dollar coin from 1957.

What are wheat pennies worth?

Wheat pennies are around 10 for 10$ its a good price i have about 5000 wheat penniesMoreIt's simply not possible to give a blanket answer. Wheat cents were made for 50 years and at 3 different mints. Some of them (1957, 1958) were minted by the billions and are about as valuable as beach sand. Others (1909-S VDB, 1914-D) were minted in very small numbers and can sell for thousands of dollars. You have to organize your coins by date and mint mark, then check a coin guide such as the ones linked below. Yes, it can be time-consuming but the alternative is not knowing if your collection is worth only 3 or 4 cents each or maybe a few hundred bucks.

What was the price for a bushel of wheat in 1957?

$2.10 a bushel

What is a 1957 wheat penny worth?

About 3 cents.

Is a 1957 wheat penny worth a lot of money?


How much does a 1957 penny worth?

A wheat penny is worth about $1,000,000

What is the value of a one sided 1957 penny?

There were no British Pennies minted from 1955 to 1960 inclusive. There is no documentary evidence of any Australian or New Zealand 1957 Pennies being struck on only one side.

What is the value of a gold 1957 penny?

US pennies were never made of gold. A regular 1957 penny is worth about 3 cents.

What is the value of a 1957 silver quarter with D mint mark?

About $3 for its metal content. Dealers will pay wholesale prices for single coins, so expect less.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Silver City - 1957?

The cast of The Silver City - 1957 includes: Forsyth Hardy as himself

Where can you sell a 1957 wheat penny?

1957 Wheat Cents are very common yet today and do not have a very great value. To sell one I would suggest you take it to a coin dealer or perhaps a collector.

How much is 1957 uncirculated pennies worth?

I'd say 1.00 USD

1957 wheat penny?

Value is from 1 to 3 cents.