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No, the Vietnam Memorial is a US war memorial.

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Q: Are there Australian names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington?
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What sentence segment does not contain a capitalization error in While visiting Washington d c you went to the Lincoln memorial and the Vietnam memorial?

"Washington", "Lincoln" and "Vietnam" are correct. All proper names are cap's...including names of places (D.C.) and memorials, monuments, etc.(Lincoln Memorial).

Which memorial in Washington dc has the names of more than 58000 people inscribed on it?

I'm just guessing but maybe the Vietnam war memorial

What war memorial in Washington D.C. is a wall with names of those that died during the war?

Vietnam War

How did the first 200 names get on the Vietnam memorial wall?

The site: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall; information column will answer that question.

What monument in D.C. in honor of the people who died during the war in Vietnam?

It's called the Vietnam Memorial. It's a large black wall with the names of the fallen and missing engraved on it.

What are the names on the Vietnam War memorial?

See website: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Is it true that the first 200 names on the Vietnam memorial wall were there because the people were missing?

On the site: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall; the information column will explain those names.

Names of usmc casulties in Vietnam?

The names of the 14,838 dead US Marines are listed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall.

How are the names on the Vietnam Veteran's memorial arranged?

Names are arranged by the year they died in combat

Where can you find a list of names of solder's who died in Vietnam?

The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall is the list.

What is written on the Vietnam memorial?

The names of the 58,000 American men and women who died in the Vietnam War.

How many names are on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

58,267 names are arranged chronologically in order of the date of casualty.