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Yes! there is, Michael Jackson has a new album coming out December 2010 titled "Michael". Make sure you get the album:)


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As of today, October 12th 2009. "Michael jacksons number ones" has sold over 2 million albums and is the highest seller of 2009.

The Jackson 5 later to be known as The Jacksons consisted of Marlon, Tito, Jermaine, Jackie and most famous Michael Jackson. Together they have released 19 albums.

Thriller is his most sucessful reaching over 100million sold

No, Michael Jackson did not quit the Jackson 5 but the group left Motown Records and later became The Jacksons. He later recorded solo albums.

it sold over 5.2 million albums at the time. For that time period yes and infact that's what Michael want to be a solo artist even more.

around 21. I believe 3 of his albums had produced 7 #1 hits. So 21 or around that.

As in albums, Michael Jackson released a lot of albums. Even as a kid, but as an adult, he released about 7 albums. Michael sold billions all around the world.

No, Adele has made two albums, Michael made 11.

This has not been determinable yet, but Michael Jackson's 1982 album Thriller is currently the best selling album of all time.

1-The Beatles-200,000+ albums 2-Elvis-190,000+ albums 3-Michael Jackon-180,000+ albums

Bruce Springsteen currently has 18 studio albums.

Michael Jospeh Jackson has sold over 750 million albums worldwide.

Michael Jackson, he has sold over 1 billion albums to date.

Tim mcgraw currently of 2009 has 14 albums

Jennifer Lopez has currently released 11 albums,

Currently she has 1 album outShe currently has 1 album out.

He released two solo albums in the 80's; Thriller (1982) and Bad (1987), there are also two albums he made with his brothers; Triumph (1980) and Victory (1984), he sang one song on The Jacksons 2300 Jackson Street album released in 1989.

currently in 2015; they have sold over 100 million albums.

Counting her original albums and some complitmation Cds, I'd say about, currently, 14-20 albums.

Iron Maiden have a total of 34 albums. They currently have sixteen studio albums, eleven live albums, four EPs and seven compilations.

Are you serious? He already started recording the album before he died it even have been done. The record company and his family releases the album. Do you know who Tupac is? He has had countless albums released since his death in 1996.

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