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yes there are piranhas in the Amazon rainforest. Actually they are in the Amazon river which is inside the Amazon rainforest. yes there are piranhas in the Amazon rainforest. Actually they are in the Amazon river which is inside the Amazon rainforest.

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Not exactly, piranhas are in the Amazon river not the actual rainforest

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Q: Are there Piranhas in the Amazon rainforest?
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Do piranhas live in the Amazon rainforest?


Where in the rainforest do piranhas live?

they live in the amazon river:)

How Many Piranhas live in The Amazon Rainforest?


What are baby piranhas called?

Baby piranhas are called baby marlin buttsthey are called little devils by the native amazon rainforest people

Name two examples of each type of animal living in the Amazon rainforest?

Piranhas and crocodiles

Are there piranhas in lakes?

yes piranhas is in a rainforest

What animals live in the rainforest river?

Some of the animals that live in in the rainforest river are manatees, piranhas, giant river otters, capybara, and the Amazon pink river dolphins.

What would you see in the amazon rainforest?

You would see parrots and anacondas, piranhas, flounders, crocodiles, and a lot of other stuff.

What layer of the rainforest do piranhas live in?

Piranhas don't live in the rain forest. They live in the river into which the rainforest drains. The river is not considered part of the rainforest floor.

Where are Piranhas located?

where are piranhas located? \ in the amazon river

Where are piranhas born?

Piranhas are born in the amazon river.

What do alligators eat in the rainforest?


What are three carnivores that live in rain forests?

Harpy eagles, jaguars, and piranhas are three carnivores that live in the South American Amazon Rainforest.

What kind of rainforest is the amazon rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest, is a tropical rainforest

What type of rainforest is the Amazon rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest is a tropical rainforest.

Do piranhas live in the rainforest?

Yes, these sharp fanged fish live in the rivers of rainforest.

Why was The Amazon Rainforest called The Amazon Rainforest?

It is called the Amazon rainforest because its home is the Amazon River Basin.

Does the Amazon River have piranhas?

yes it does

How hot is the Amazon rainforest?

How hot is it in the Amazon Rainforest?

What are local names from the Amazon rainforest?

Amazon Rainforest

When is it coolest in the Amazon rainforest?

Does the Amazon rainforest get permafrost?

Do piranhas live in the ocean?

No, piranhas are a fresh water fish, native to the Amazon basin.

Is the Amazon rainforest warm and wet?

The amazon rainforest is always wet if you are in the Amazon rainforest you will aways see it is wet

What is the main rainforest in Brazil?

The AmazonThe Amazon rainforest. Same name as the world's second longest river, also in Brazil.The rainforest in Brazil is located in the Amazon Basin and the rainforest is called the Amazon Rainforest.

What type of rainforest is the amazon?

it is a temperate rainforest idiot :D