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Are there adapters to plug digital memory sticks into PCs?

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Absolutely. They typically connect to a USB port and read several types of memory cards, which will appear as removable disks. They are relatively cheap and often come with a driver CD that will install icons to your PC to make your memory card appear different from other drives.

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What are audio adapters used for?

Audio adapters are used for converting a plug into another style of plug. Audio adapters simply help one change the input plug of a certain system to a different input plug.

How do you upload photos from digital camera to computer without a memory card?

Use the plug that came with it

How do i upload pictures from a computer to my digital camera chip for use in digital frame?

You have to get a usb adaptor that will allow you to plug your memory chip in. It looks like a little highlighter. Or you can get a digital camera that has wifi.

What does a hub help to do?

You use a hub for a computer, you can plug it in if there are no spaces left in the computer... it fits most ipod charges, memory sticks ect.

What are AVG adapters?

Is an adapter to connect another plug into a AVG chord.

How do you download songs to Guitar Hero 5?

You need to go out and purchas a memory coding stick and you plug that into your computer and than go onto and downoad songs you want from there and put those songs onto the memory coding stick and than plug the stick into the guitar puporse plug than you select the harddrive digital memory files and adrice the flies into the game.

How do you put pictures from my PC to PS3?

If you download them to a USB drive then you just plug the drive into the slot on the PS3 and download into the PS3. There are even USB adapters for memory cards so you can download from your camera's card

How do you put digital images from your computer on to a memory card to use on a digital photo frame?

Well make sure you have a memory card reader and a compatible memory card for the photo frame. Plug the memory card into your reader on your computer (which is Windows I assume) and let all the drivers install. Then you open the memory card drive (might be G or H) if a popup doesn't appear. From here you can drag photos from your folder onto the memory card. Once finished just plug the memory card into the photo frame. Some photo frames need to format the memory card, because they require a certain structure to read the pictures. In that case plug the memory card into the photo frame first. You may need to copy the pictures into a special directory on the memory card. It is usually just one folder, so copy your photos there.

how do you print photos from a digital camera?

There are many ways to print digital photos. Most cameras saved taken-pictures to a memory card. You can then take that memory card to a store and have them print it or, if you own a printer, you can plug your memory card into it and print from there. Some cameras & printers allow for wireless printing and all you have to do is prompt your camera/printer to do so.

How do you plug in a fiber optic tree?

If it has a plug, insert the plug into a wall socket. Some have AC adapters - make sure the adapter is connected to the tree, then plug the adapter into the wall socket...

How do you add ram memory to a Dell?

Assuming you have at least one free memory bus on your motherboard, all you have to do is buy a stick of memory that is compatible with your computer, and plug it in (Be sure to be free of any static electricity when handling any computer hardware!). To do this read your computers info pamphlet or if you don't have it any more look it up online with your exact computer model. If you don't have a free memory bus then you can upgrade from your current memory stick size by removing the memory sticks and replacing them with new ones that are of higher value (EX: you have two sticks of 1gig ram replace with two sticks of 2gig ram)

How do you insert memory card in ps2?

There is a slot just above where you plug the controllor into that you can plug the memory card into.


Use a flash drive to transfer data. They work on any USB port. Memory sticks are typically found in camera's and need more specialized ports to upload images on computer. If you have a card reader then preference and memory size is really the only difference between the 2. Flash drives are direct USB port memory devices. Memory Sticks are either for direct Memory Stick slots or need a USB convertor like mentioned before. Flash drives are longer/bigger than memory sticks. They are both solutions to eliminate the floppy disk. They all use some type of "flash memory"; just the interface is different. Memory Cards have a larger memory capacity. Flash drives are easier to plug-n-play.

Can a 6.3mm stereo jack plug into an apple Ipod?

No. You can only use 3.5mm plugs on an iPod. There are adapters however, that change your plug from 6.4mm to 3.5mm.

Where do you charge the iPod?

Plug it into a USB socket. If you want to charge it in the car, Scan Computers sell adapters so you can plug a USB stick into a car.

What are Flash disks?

Flash memory stores permanent information on some palm-sized computers. Unlike RAM (random-access memory), flash memory can continue to store information in the absence of a power source. Palm devices often make use of flash memory to store the operating system and core applications. Unlike ROM (read-only memory), you can write to flash memory, making it possible to update the operating system and applications via software. Flash memory is more expensive than ROM. Memory sticks, flash drives etc (the little sticks you plug into a USB port) all use flash memory

Is there a converter plug for Europe?

Yes there are what are known as adapters to enable different kinds of plugs to be used in Europe.

Are the wall plug adapters for cell phones universal?

No. There are still some that use brand-specific connectors

How do you move photos from memory card to flash drive?

You hook up your digital camera to the computer using a USB cable. You save the pictures on your camera to the computer. Then you unplug the digital camera and plug in your flash drive. You then save the pictures to the flash drive.

Can you plug a memory card straight into your computer?

Depending on the model of your computer, you may have a slot to plug a memory card directly into your computer.

Is there adapters available to connect a VGA monitor to a HDMI port?

No. You can't connect analogue to digital. ------------------ Goto do the search and if you can't find it, they have a contact spot. If you are trying to connect your cable t.v. to your computer, they have a USB plug-in that does that. It is fairly new and under $100.

How do you transfer photos from camera to digital photo frames?

There are several ways depending on the type of digital photo frame you have:Memory card: digital photo frames have slots for the memory card from your camera (most support a large variety of cards). You simply have to plug in your memory card from your cameraInternal memory: some frames may come with their own internal storage/memory where you can save your pictures. Transferring images to the frames internal storage may be done using (1) a USB connection to the a computer, (2) using Bluetooth (3) Wi-fi or (4) by copying directly from an inserted memory card, again depending on the type of frame you have

Where do you plug a memory card in a computer?

you will need a card reader to connect your memory card in a computer, card reader can be plug in a USB port.

What kind of perpheral computer equipment use usb?

Printers, scanners, MP3's, cameras, mobile phones, dongles, memory sticks, the list is endless, virtually anything you can plug into your computer. USB is just the name of the rectangular plugs on your computer where you plug all your devices into

What is the external digital memory control for a car?

External memory control in a car - Extneral memory control allows your car to sync with your iphone/ipod/mp3 player and show artists, playlists, song titles etc. on the digital readout in the car. It allows you to scroll threw your music using the controls on your car rather then on your cellphone. Ex. On a 2013 Elantra you have a plug to plug your ipod into. If you use the plug rather then syncing it with bluetooth it allows you to control your ipod from the cars controls on the radio or steering wheel. If you simply sync it with bluetooth you can only choose songs and see song titles on your ipod the car stereo says "AUX"

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