Are there all the jerseys in mlb 2k9?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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you have to unlock all of the jerseys.

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Q: Are there all the jerseys in mlb 2k9?
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How do you agrue in MLB 2k9?

You can`t

Which is better MLB 2k9 or MLB 09 the show?

mlb 2k9 is great except that you cant argue ^true But overall MLB 09 The Show is way better in about every aspect.

Is Shea Stadium playable in MLB 2K9?

No because all stadiums are up to date in all video games

Is Brett gardner in MLB 2k9?

pretty sure he is

Did Reynaldo fairly beat Felipe in MLB 2k9?

== == === === === === === ===

When will MLB 2k9 come out?

March 3rd, 2009

Is it worth buying MLB 2K10 if you already have MLB 2K9?

NO cause MLB 2K11 is now available.

Does MLB 2k9 have online?

yes it does living rosters and games

How do you bat in mlb 2k9 for Xbox 360?

use the a button

Can you create a franchise with your card team in MLB 2K9?

Yeah, no.

What is the best pitch in MLB 2k9?

the 12-6 curveball by far

How do you pitch on MLB 2k9?

you dont they always hit the ball anyway