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mlb 2k9 is great except that you cant argue


But overall MLB 09 The Show is way better in about every aspect.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-16 22:01:21
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Q: Which is better MLB 2k9 or MLB 09 the show?
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What game should you buy Major League Baseball 09 the show or Major League Baseball 2k9?

i would buy MLB 09 The Show because that game has better graphics Yeah!!!! MLB 09 The Show DOES have better graphics because i bought it yesterday June 30, 2009! dude it is awsome i bought it yesterday November 9 for psp

What better Major League Baseball 2k9 or Major League Baseball the show 09?

Honestly i think the show is a better game. The graphics are a lot better and its a more realistic then 2k9. If you want a baseball game that feels like your watching ur favorite team on tv, then get the show. ^agreed. 2k just didnt even try to outdo mlb the show that year.

What games better NBA 2k9 or NBA live 09?

"NBA live 2k9 has better graphics even though Ive been an NBA live fan 2k9 has way better game play" Yeah so 2K9 is better in every way. I bought Live 09 and its good dont get me wrong but, after seeing the videos and playing it i think its better than Live 09

What is better NBA 2k9 or NBA live 09?

NBA live 09 better graphics and game play

Which is a better game for 360 2K9 or 09?

09 is way better it has better graphics the people look real and the controls are amazing

What is better NHL09 or NHL 2k9?

on the game rating sites it says nhl 09 is better

Which is going to be better NBA 2k9 or NBA live 09?

2k is the best

What is better NBA live 09 or NBA 2k9?


When will MLB the Show 09 come out?


What is the difference between NBA live 2009 and NBA 2k9?

nba 2k9 is way better than nba live 09 !! that is not true. LIve has been better than 2k every year.

What is the release date for MLB 09 the show?

march 3rd 09

How much is 2k9 NBA basketball for psp?

there is no nba 2K9 for psp but there is nba live 09

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