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Q: What is better NBA live 09 or NBA 2k9?
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What is better NBA 2k9 or NBA live 09?

NBA live 09 better graphics and game play

What games better NBA 2k9 or NBA live 09?

"NBA live 2k9 has better graphics even though Ive been an NBA live fan 2k9 has way better game play" Yeah so 2K9 is better in every way. I bought Live 09 and its good dont get me wrong but, after seeing the videos and playing it i think its better than Live 09

Which is going to be better NBA 2k9 or NBA live 09?

2k is the best

What is the difference between NBA live 2009 and NBA 2k9?

nba 2k9 is way better than nba live 09 !! that is not true. LIve has been better than 2k every year.

How much is 2k9 NBA basketball for psp?

there is no nba 2K9 for psp but there is nba live 09

NBA 2k9 vs NBA live 09?

Nba live live 9

Is 2k9 basketball better than nba live 09?

no NBA live 09 is a better game all the modes, the controls and all other features NBA live may seem better in graphics, but 2k9 has much, much better game play. All live has in extras. 2k has better crowd reactions, shooting, better player DNA and the basketball hoop appears much more real. 2k also doesn't shutter live NBA live.

Which is better NBA live 09 or NBA 09?

NBA live 09 better features better online play

In NBA 2k9 or NBA live 09 is there any way to skip the cheerleaders or take them out of the game please help?


What is better NBA live 09 or NBA 09?

NBA 09

What games better NBA sk9 or NBA live 09?

nba live 09

Is ncaa basketball 2009 by EA sports the only college basketball game this year?

if it is just basketball no there is nba live 09, nba 2k9, and nba 09: the inside and if it is college basketball likely no but could be.

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