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Yes, you can find dvd/dvr combos at most major electronics stores.

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Q: Are there any DVR's that can also be used as DVD players?
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Can a DVD movie be played on a DVR?

This depends on the particular model. Some DVRs have DVD players built in, and some do not. By itself, a standalone DVR (Digital Video Recorder) without a DVD drive built in cannot play a DVD.

Which car DVD players can also be used as a navigation system?

The KENWOOD PNAV512 is a DVD/GPS combo unit.

Where is the binary number system used?

Every internal operation in every computer, as well as every other digital device such as cell phones, DVRs and DVD players, and mobile data devices, is a binary-number operation.

What format do DVD players accept?

DVD players basically accept the DVD-Video format. Modern DVD players can also play formats like mp4, mkv, mp3 DVD, HD DVD and Blu Ray.

Can you make a CD on a CD drive and not on a DVD drive?

DVD-Burners are backward compatible. They can also be used to burn CD's. There have also been made a lot of varieties of DVD players that can burn CD's but not DVD's.

What is the sapphires uses?

this mineral is used for jewelry and also is used for the blue lasers in blue ray DVD players

What DVD players also play mp3s?

Most Newer models of DVD players can play MP3's.

Do BluRay DVD players also play non Blu-Ray DVD's?

Yes, BluRay DVD players also play non Blu-Ray DVDs with no problem.

Where can one purchase portable DVD players for kids?

There are many places where portable DVD players can be purchased. Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target each carry portable DVD players in various brands and sizes. You can purchase the devices online or you can find them in the stores. You can also find new and used portable DVD players on eBay.

Can CD's be used in DVD devices?

Most DVD players will play a CD.

do any DVD players also record?

Yes, there are plenty of DVD players that also record. They are just as simple to program as a VCR, and many are very afforadable.

Which car DVD player also has a radio?

All car dvd players have a radio in them.

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