Are there any Mattel stores

Updated: 10/5/2023
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The Mattel overstock stores are in:

California: City of Industry, El Segundo, Pomona, San Bernardino

Texas: Fort Worth, Laredo, Dallas

Wisconsin: Middleton, Wilmot

Ontario: Mississauga

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Mattel toys are sold at a wide variety of retail locations and online stores. Walmart, Target, Toys 'R' Us, and Amazon, for example, are each known to sell these toys.

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Q: Are there any Mattel stores
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What was the first electronic baseball game sold in stores?

The first electronic baseball game sold in stores was the Mattel Classic Baseball Game. The game was reissued by Mattel in 2001 and could be purchased for arouns $11.99 from Walmart.

Where can one find a Mattel product?

Mattel products can be found at most toy stores. Mattel owns the popular brands Barbie, Matchbox, How Wheels, and Polly Pockets. Amazon, Toys R Us, and Target, among others, sell these toys.

How might one find a Mattel toy store?

One find a Mattel toy store by going on their website, at the bottom of the page select "Store Locator" and type in one's address and it will provide a list of Mattel toy stores within the specified area.

Does Mattel make a princess rocking horse?

There are lots of cute princess rocking horses out there but Mattel does not manufacture any. There are some that are made of wood and are pink. However they are mot manufactured by Mattel.

Who invented furryville?

Mattel introduced Furryville in 2005. It was initially sold in stores but now is available only on line.

How do you email Mattel?

type in Mattel inc.

What is Mattel's population?

Mattel's population is 31,000.

What stores have Monster High Holt hyde?

Mattel shop online, Target and Toys R Us - Never in stock though

Who is the CEO of Mattel?

Robert Eckert is the CEO of Mattel.

What are the weaknesses of Mattel?

what are the current weaknesses of mattel company?

Does mattel ship to the UK?

You can buy Mattel products in the UK. Mattel has its own UK website if you want to order from there.

Where can one find a store that sells Mattel branded toys?

One can find a store that sells Mattel branded toys anywhere across the US - such store might be the chain store, Toys R Us, or online, in stores such as Amazon or eBay.