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No, they are all 15.

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Is there ever going to be any ps2 video games of women pro wrestling or women extreme wrestling oGappling Glamazons tournaments or female NXT or Chickfight or women topless wrestling?

No all the PS2 exclusive games have been released and many games developed for other platforms chose not to make a PS2 version

Where can one purchase WWE wrestling games for the PS2?

If you are looking to purchase new copies of WWE wrestling games for PS2 you will need to check places such as eBay and Amazon. However, if you don't mind purchasing a used copy you can find WWE wrestling games at many used video games store, such as Game Stop.

On what site can you play ps2 games?

Actually, There is no site to play ps2 games. If you are having a ps2 the go to and click on playstation2 under the Isos option.There you will get ps2 games for free.

Will Smackdown vs Raw 2009 still be in ps2 an why or why not?

yes because ps2 not done yet and they making new games for ps2. ps2 deserve to see one more wrestling game smack down vs raw 2009 the best game ever on ps2 i hope capcom to make games for ps2 like devil may cry 4 and resident evil 5 on ps2 because it will sale alot of copies in market even wrestling game.

Where can you play wrestling games online?

The only method that I'm aware of is this: Buy a PS2 or Xbox (if the games support the online function) For PS2, buy either Smackdown! vs RAW or Smackdown! vs RAW 2006, connect the PS2 online and voila! Play to your heart's content! I haven't owned an Xbox so I can't say how to play the wrestling games online or even the names of the games for Xbox.

Does game still buy PS2 and games for PS2?

they sell ps2 games but not ps2 gamstation sells ps2 games and ps2

How do you Tag on legends of wrestling ps2?

How do you tag on legends of wrestling for PlayStation 2

How much will gamestop give you for a ps2 with no games and no cords?

Under $20

Is sly 4 coming out for ps2?

No the game will not release under that title for any system and there are no more PS2 sly games

What PS2 games can be played online on a PS3?

As long as the PS2 game has on-line functionality it will play online, note:You may have to set up a network settings save under you PS2 saves, like you had to do for PS2 (the PS2 games doesnt know there is a adaptor till you tell it)

Can eduational games be played on the PS2?

If there PS2 educational games. The PS2 will not play games not designed specifically for the PS2 console

What is the price of one used ps2 games?

They range from under $1 to over the original retail cost. Most used games are under $10 including shipping, but the title of the game is important. There are 1.51 billion PS2 games that were sold worldwide

How do you play Naruto games in ps2?

There are a number of Naruto games for the PS2. You do not play the Japanese versions of the game on a USA PS2. You should have no problem buying an playing one of the series of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja games that have been released for the PS2. Amazon has a number that can be found under the related link

Can you play with PC games CD on PS2?

no the PS2 is designed for PS2 games and does not play PC games

Why don't ps2 games work on my ps3?

Games para PS2 não funcionam em PS3 mesmo, sua BESTA! because ps2 games are only for ps2 ps3 games are only for ps3 system ps2 games are for ps2 system

Can you use video game tycoon games on PS2?

a PS2 plays PS2 games

Does a PS2 hold ps3 games?

No, you can only play PS2 and PS1 games on the PS2.

Can you play PS3 games on the PS2?

No you can not play the PS2 games on the new PS3 and you can not play the PS3 games on the PS2

Can PS2 play with PS3 games?

No.But PS3 can play PS2 games and PS2 can play PS1 games.

Can the new PS2 slim play cheap PS2 games?

The PS2 Slim Plays all the PS2 games the Fat PS2 would.

How big are PS2 games?

ps2 games are 2.00 cm

How do you play PS3 games on ps2?

You can't play PS3 games on PS2 But you can play PS2 games on some PS3.

Where can i make ps2 games work on ps3?

You can not make a PS3 that does not play PS2 games into one that does play PS2 games.

Do ps2 games work on ps1?

NO ps2 games don't work in Ps1 only Ps1 games works on Ps2

Want to play free ps2 games on internet?

PS2 games are not free and you play them on a PS2