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Are there any Scottish vampires in Breaking Dawn?


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no there is not.

although there is an Irish coven

Irish is different from SCOTTISH :| :|

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Yes, there is one that was introduced in Breaking Dawnnamed Nahuel. He said that there were other's like himself, he had sisters.

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No she wont . no vampire dies. at the end renesmee is with jacob and bella is happy with edward. and the volturi does NOT harm any vampires. (thankgod.)

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There is definitely more love making in breaking dawn than there was in any of the other books, although it is not described in detail. The subject comes up kind of often, though. In Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward make love when they are on their honeymoon in Isle Esme.

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There are descriptions of her in Breaking Dawn, but no pictures in any of the books.

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in alices vision but not in real life :)

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Almost, but Edwards saves her in Breaking Dawn.

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