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The short answer is that there are lots of airports in Spain, as there are in all civilised countries, and in nearly all undeveloped countries, if you analyse it.

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How many airports in Spain?

There are 61 airports located in Spain. However, only eight of these airports are international airports. The busiest airport is located in Madrid.

What are the major airports of Spain?

Spain has several airports. The major ones are Madrid, Barcelona, and Malaga.

What kind of services does Spain have?

Spain is a modern country with any service available in any other modern country.

How many airports are there in the country of Poland?

There are 12 airports.

What are the busiest airports in order in Connecticut?

CONNECTICUT DOES NOT HAVE ANY AIRPORTS Connecticut does not have any airports

Which country has the most airports?

The US which has approx. 14,000 airports

What types of transportation is in Spain?

Spain is a developed country. They have any mode of travel available in any developed country such as the UK, the USA, or Japan.

How many counteries are in Spain?

there are no countries in Spain, Spain is a least i think there aren't any countries in Spain...

Did any other country own Spain?

Spain is an independent country; only Gibraltar is occupied illegally by UK.

How many countries are in Spain?

Spain is a country so it does not have any other countries in it.

Which country in the world has the most airports?

United States,have around 15,079 airports

Which airports have direct flights to Spain?

Airports that have direct flights to Spain include those in Toronto, Canada, Paris, France, Munich, Germany, Zagreb, Croatia, Tirana, Albania, and Athens, Greece.

What country does not share a border with Spain?

Spain shares borders with France, Portugal, Andorra, Morocco, and the UK. Pick any other country and it will not share a border with Spain.

Which is the largest country without an airport?

Could be Andorra, still a very small country though (80,000 or so), smaller than most towns. Nearby airports are Barcelona (Spain) and Toulouse (France).

Which country that France and Spain both rule?

France and Spain do not rule any other countries.

What country is completely surrounded by Spain and the Atlantic ocean?

Spain does not completely surround any country, Portugal is boarded by the Atlantic Ocean to the West and South an by Spain to the North and East

Which eu country would you eat paella?

The EU country where you would eat paella is Spain. You could presumably eat it in any country, but it is native to Spain. You would want to eat it in the Galicia, which is a part of Spain.

What country is Spain?

the state of spain

Do you need a passpoet to go to dublin?

You need a passport to enter any country, that's why you have passport control at airports.

What is the most popular country in Spain?

There are no countries in Spain - Spain is a country.

Does Spain have mc Donalds?

yes there are a few mostly at airports though like BCN and MAD but there are some throughout the country in bigger cities like cadiz, sevilla etc.

How many airports are in Tokyo?

There are not any airports in Tokyo itself, but there is Haneda in Yokohama.

Are there any airports in Madagascar?

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What does it mean to be Hispanic?

must be of any latin American country or Spain

Is Spain a developing country?

Spain is a developed country.