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yes different types of lizards and snakes

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Are there any endangered animals in the Simpson desert?


Do any animals live in the gobi desert?

yes my favourite animals in the Gobi desert are the Grey wolf and the snow leapard

Are there any danger animals?

no, a camel lives in a desert

Are any animals in danger in the Australian Desert?

There are a number of animals that are classified as endangered from the Australian desert. These include the bandicoot and the greater bilby.

How do animals get their shelter in the desert?

any animals that live in the desert find homes underground or if they can the a dig a hole in a cactus perfect for surviving

Are the animals in a desert warm blooded?

i think all the animals in the desert are warmblooded because any coldblooded animal that is in a desert it wouldn't be alive but snakes live in the dessert and they are coldblooded

Do any animals in the desert make their own food?


Little animals in the desert?

any kinds of little animals live in the desert like armidillos,kangaroos,polarbears,giraffes and mexicans lol jk

What is the consumer in the desert?

Any animal found in a desert is a consumer. Only plants are classified as producers. Some animals eat plants, other animals eat animals that eat plants. Plants are the basis for any food chain.

What do you call the animals that live in desert?

Desert Animals.

Do any desert animals eat desert plants?

Yes, many animals in the desert feed on plants - rabbits, hares, squirrels, mice, rats, deer, antelope, sheep, javelina, etc.

What is the meaning of the desert animals?

suck balls.... nah just kidding . desert animals are animals that live in the desert

What are animals that can live the desert called?

I don't believe that there is any such name for animals that can live in the desert. I'm afraid all I can think of to call them is desert animals.Meerkats, camels, lizards, hawks, cats (not kidding), lions, and even elephants!

What animals eat the desert lily?

The animals that eat the desert lily are desert animals. Some examples of these animals are insects, reptiles, and tortoises.

Are there any dangerous elements to traveling to a desert?

mountains, cliffs, animals

Is there any wildlife in the Sahara desert?

yes many types of animals

What animals live in the Gobi desert and the Antarctic desert?

No animals live in the Antarctic desert.

What animals live in any desert?

well mostly camle live in the desert why do you ask its an odd question but i can understand

What are endangered animals in the desert?

what are the 10 endangered desert animals

Why do no animals live in the desert?

animals DO live in the desert i just that there often small and shy and quiet. but animals do live in the desert

How do animals get their food in a desert?

The same way animals in any other place do - they either eat plants or eat other animals.

What foods are in the desert?

The type of food in the desert depend on who is eating it. Animals in the desert often eat other animals. Some animals can eat certain desert plants.

Are there any amphibians in the Sonoran Desert?

Of course: the Sonoran Desert Toad (Bufo alvarius) is one example of such class of animals.

What animals eat desert lilies?

desert animals, kangroos, and more.

What animals live in Siwa?

There are currently 4 animals that live in Siwa: The Desert Fox, the Desert Dear, the Desert Rat, and the Desert Bird You will be lucky to see such as these animals with your eyes, as these animals are so extinct