Are there any apple apps to get free apps?

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there many free apps and yes there are
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Are apps free?

Some are and some aren't. You should usually look in the freesection when looking for apps in the app store. There is also a free app on the IStore That is called "freeappaday"it is great and gives you apps that you like based on what you havedownloaded, most apps will be free for a few days and thi ( Full Answer )

Are there any free iTunes apps compatible with iPod Nano?

No, there are no apps, but if you click on the tiny arrow next to the app store button in the itunes store, you can see a whole list of different apps, and there it will say "Ipod Click Wheel Games". There are a few games designed for the ipod nano, but unfortunately, none of them are free. They are ( Full Answer )

How do you get free apps?

When you go to the app store, there are many apps that are free. The app store has a list of highest rated/most often bought free apps.

What happened to free apple app developing?

The development of Applications for the Mac and iPhone is free. Apple's Xcode development software (See links below) is provided free with every Mac. You can download the software development Kit for the iPhone (See links below) and write your own apps. It is up to the developer if they want to ( Full Answer )

When you buy a Itouch do you get any free apps?

They don't give you any free apps other than the usual that you get: maps, weather, settings, youtube, etc. However, you can download many free apps if you wish in the app store.

Can you run Apple apps on a PC?

Apple produces some software such as iTunes and the Safari browser for both their own Mac OS X and the Windows operating system. Most of Apples applications are created to work on an Apple Mac computer with Mac OS X and are not available for computers running the Windows operating system.

Is there a texting app on the apple iTouch?

Yes there is but you have to buy a certain app. Thas right but you need to go to the app store on your home screen and look up texting apps. Some may be free some you may need to buy because they might be beter and faster i guess.

Can you update apple apps if you jailbreak?

The Apple App Store is still fully functional after jailbreakingyour iDevice and all apps you genuinely purchased can still beupdated through the App Store like before.

How do you create an Apple iPhone app?

It's actually pretty easy to do, and many people are learning to create iphone apps for extra money. Even kids as young as nine years old have created successful iphone apps. Still, it does take some initiative and a willingness to learn. One of the best things about creating iphone apps is that the ( Full Answer )

Where can you find free apps for apple products?

Go to Itunes store and on the top there should be a button called app store. Click that and on the right, there should be a list of free apps. But you can also try jail breaking it.

What are apps that can get you free apps?

If you mean what apps are free?? Here's some fun free apps: Angry birds Super rope Mouth off Bakery story Halloween Bounce down Fake caller Temple run Cut the birds Fruit Ninja Gravity guy Knotes Pickn sticks faces Talking Tom cat Doodle jump Doodle buddy Penguin ra ( Full Answer )

Where do you download the apple store app?

This app comes preloaded on the iPhone/iPod/iPad and cannot be deleted. Thus, you do not need to download it and so there is nowhere to do so.

What is the best app for finding free apps?

Get the app,"App Free". The icon is a picture of a price tag. The app is free and it makes certain apps fre the could regularly be up to $14.99. It actually works.

How do you buy apple i pod apps?

Go online to iTunes and download them onto your computer and then transfer to your iPod or you can go directly to iTunes on a capable iPod and download straight to your iPod.

How do you make an app for the Apple app store?

You cant Actually, you can. You have to become an Apple Developer which costs $99.00 per year. You then have to have the software to build an app to submit.

Which apps better android or apple?

apple apps r better bcuz i had the iphone and an android phone and i typed in grand theft auto however i got a ton from apple and none from android thats stupid becuz apple haz it and android dosent so prefer apple

Is there any good free iPhone apps?

Try Full Screen Private Browsing is a simple web browsingoption with no frills and faster than ever. Get 13% more viewingspace. If you worry about history, cookies or caches, don't worry,it deletes everything as soon as you exit the app. Get definitestandard safari experience with option of hiding ( Full Answer )

Any apps where i can get free apps?

I think that there is many in the app store. Some take price apps and make them smaller,or they take all of the newest and greatest free apps out there and put them in all one app :) hope this was helpful!!

What is the programming language for apple apps?

Usually C++ or Java. Java is mostly used in mobile devices because of its highly portable (cross-platform) nature. C++ code is faster and is just as portable as Java but must be compiled separately for each platform. Java apps need only be compiled once for all platforms.

How do you get apps free on the app store?

Well quite alot of apps are free Download Blackmart Alpha Version: 0.49.92 for Android phones This app is incompatible with : - Blackmart Alpha for Acer Liquid MT - Blackmart Alpha for Acer Stream - Blackmart Alpha for Casio G'zOne Commando - Blackmart Alpha for Dell Venue - Blackmart Alpha f ( Full Answer )

Can you get apple apps on windows 7?

All the apple apps that you can get on Windows 7 would be listed on the apple website at Actually, you can't use Mac Apps on a Windows 7 PC as they are designed to run .exe files etc. which are completely different from Mac apps. It depends on what you mean by Apple apps. If you me ( Full Answer )

Is there any apps where you can get the dot lock for iPod for free?

I hate to say it but all the dot lock apps don't work and if they end up working, they don't let you in even if you get your pass code right. My friend had just gotten her I touch, then got her privileges FROM ANY ELECTRONICS because she tried to use that app Long story short DON'T GET THEM, IT O ( Full Answer )

Can you get apps for non apple devices?

Hmm... well I have a Lenovo laptop and i tried to get apps on it. I also have an iPhone5 but, i cant use it, and i wanted to facetime my friend. I don't think there's any possible way to get the app store on a non-Apple product :( sorry

Are there any apple apps that continuously use data?

Depends. If you have iOS 4 or later, you will have multitasking, like on your computer, you can have multiple windows or applications open at the same time. Well, same thing on your iPod or iPhone. (or iPad). The apps can run backround processes. These processes may use data.

What apps are free for?

theres a free section in the appstore, alot of apps. And most of the time you can get like version for paid apps but not all of the time

Does free your apps have all apps?

I found these free killer android apps they got some great stuff inmobile gaming check it out in the related links " FREE MOBILE APPS"

Are there any free weather apps?

As you've posted this in iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, it's safe to assume you're using one of those devices and not a device running Android OS. Here's a short list of free iPhone apps. For more options, the source is listed in the related links below. The Weather Channel® - The Weather Channel In ( Full Answer )

Are there any free apps like superimpose?

There are a few but superimpose is the best one, most of them cost money but if you need one you can get the bad ones like :cut me in :lol camera They aren't so good but they're free.The reason superimpose is the best one is because its easy to remove the picture and paste it on another one.Maybe if ( Full Answer )

Is free app is really a free app?

If you are using a reputable store, like iTunes or Amazon, they really are free. If there are any fees after purchase, it will state it somewhere in the description before you download.

Does apple make health app?

The new Health app puts that data in one place, accessible with atap, giving you a clear and current overview of your health.