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there many free apps and yes there are

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If you have an Iphone you can find free mobile apps from the Apple Apps Store. There is an app on the Iphone that will take you directly to the Apple Apps store so you can get free apps straight from your phone.

Apple does not give you money to buy apps but many apps are free.

Apple don't come downloaded with any apps, you have to download them.

Yes it is free, but to buy apps and stuff it costs.

No, there's thousands and thousands of free apps on AppStore.

Go to the Apple iTunes website, and look at the top free apps. Link in related links.

There are not any other apps like Barrel that you can get for free. You can get the app Barrel 2 for free.

Yes, you can... But apps aren't on the Apple Store, they are on the App Store

You can go to the app store and browse through categories, and then at the top you have a choice to browse free apps. You can download all of the free apps for free (as long as you have an iTunes account).

Im pretty sure they will because basically all the apps that are in the apple app store can be used on any apple product.

Free mobile phone apps can be found on most of the existing app repositories. Google Play has a vast selection of apps, as does the Apple App Store. The Amazon Appstore has free apps, and each of the three app marketplaces occasionally has free app specials.

Some apps like quicktime. But not apple specific apps

There are apps in the apple app store that make it possbile.

Apple applications can be installed onto your Apple iPad 2 through the appstore. The appstore is available to iPad users without installation and from here you may purchase or install apps to your device for free.

Only apple phone, that's the whole point of apple apps

Yes. It's basically stealing from the people who made the app and Apple. If you get 50 (any currency) worth of apps for free, it is the same as stealing 50 (any currency) from apple and the app developer.

Yes the Motorola Droid can download apps for the Motorola app store not the apple store.

Official Apps for the iPhone/iTouch are approved by Apple and only available through their App Store. The term jailbroken refers to escaping from the limitations of the App store, by changing the internal settings, allowing the installation of apps from any source. These may or may not be free. Jailbreaking is not a get everything for free mechanism.

They don't give you any free apps other than the usual that you get: maps, weather, settings, youtube, etc. However, you can download many free apps if you wish in the app store.

The Sims 3 is not free, but there are apps like Shazam, Facebook, TweetDeck, and some games and other apps that are.

Music-wise, jailbreaking does not get you any free music that you wouldnt have had without jailbreaking it. You can find free music anywhere online, with or without a jailbreak. Jailbreaking does not get you free music, but does get you mods, apps, etc.

Nope, only on Apple products. Like the I-pod, I-Pad, etc.

Go to Apple ID and change your fingerprint so you can download any apps you want