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There are websites such as and that both offer online degrees for audio engineering.

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Q: Are there any audio engineering schools that offer degrees online?
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Can I take online classes at any audio engineering schools?

You can take some classes online at for audio engineering.

How do you receive an audio engineering degree?

Audio engineering degrees aren't typically obtainable online. The degrees themselves aren't actually degrees, but rather certifications. You can receive certification in audio engineering after 2 years at vocational training school.

Looking for an audio engineering schools.?

You can find a lot of audio engineering schools out there that might interest you. Some of them are:, or also

What specialty fields are available at most audio engineering schools?

Most audio engineering programs have specialties in studio engineering, systems engineering, mixing engineering, and recording engineering. A lot of schools specialize in live sound engineering and audio post engineering.

Are there any audio engineering schools?

There are schools that offer little programs or certificates in audio engineering, not schools especially for that. There are lots of different ones though.

Which schools have an audio engineering program?

Audio engineering schools are a great place to start if you want to break into this kind of sound career. You'll gain sound knowledge from experts of the audio engineering industry, while having a unique experience. Explore audio engineering and tune in to the sounds of success at:

Are there any audio engineering schools in the midwest?

Baker University is one audio engineering school in the midwest

Do audio engineering schools exist in North America?

Yes, audio engineering schools exist in North America. You can find a list of them at or

What are the top five audio engineering schools in the united states?

There are multiple audio engineering schools in each state. Many of the schools have great progams and it is best to choose a good school in your state.

Which schools have good audio engineering programs?

Pacific Audio Visual Institute has good audio engineering programs. You can read more about it at

Is there a audio engineering school near Nashville TN?

There are several audio engineering schools near Nashville TN. Information on one such school can be found at:

What are the best audio engineering schools in NYC?

One of the best audio engineering schools in New York is SAE Institute. Here is a link that will provide you with more information.

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