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Three; the main one in Place de l'Opéra

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Q: Are there any bank of santander branches in France?
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Has santander any bank branches in France?

Yes, Santander has a presence in France. They offer banking services in France through their subsidiary, Santander Consumer Finance, which specializes in automotive lending and consumer credit. However, they do not have branches for general banking services in France.

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Abbey National plc (a UK based bank) was named Santander in January, 2010. Now customers can use any of the 1,300+ Santander branches for their banking needs.

What bank is sort code 09-01-26?

This sort code belongs to Santander. Santander have not provided sufficient information to identify the exact branch. Visit any Santander branch for this information.

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Alliance and Leicester has been acquired by Santander. You can apply for a Santander credit card at any local branch of the bank.

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No, it is related to Banco Santander. I am able to use my Bank of America check card at the Banco Santander cash machines with no fees of any kind.

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