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No, there are no such things as "blue bees". There are only striped yellow & black bees. ============ yes there are,deep in the tropical rain forest`s,they are very metalic colored ranging from green to blue, and depending on light angle can change colors.they are very small and sting-less! blue is however the rarest color in the animal kingdom. ___ Yes there are Blue Bees. We have seen them many times in Hong Kong ... in fact one was just hovering over my desk as I had the window open. Instead of yellow and black stripes they have a beautiful blue and black stipes.

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Q: Are there any blue bees
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Do bees hate blue?

Not at all. Many nectar-bearing flowers are blue and are very attractive to bees.

Do bees like the color blue?

Bees are attracted to bright colors, so they like bright blue.

What is a good clue for my blue clue Idea bees?

I do not have a good clue for your blue clue Idea bees.

Do cane toads eat blue banded bees?

Cane toads pose no danger to blue banded bees.

How does lantana effect the blue banded bees?

lantana has No affect on these bees!

What do blue banded bees eat?

nectar Like honey bees, the blue banded bee eats nectar from flowers.

Do blue banded bees eat lantana flowers?

Blue banded bees do not eat lantana flowers. The majority of their diet comes from the nectar of blue flowers.

What kills the blue band bee?

Blue Banded Bees are disappearing because of Pesticides and Lantana. Blue Banded Bees also die in winter because it is to cold for them. Blue Banded Bees are born in spring and then die three months later when they are adults in winter.

Do blue banded bees like blue flowers?


Are blue banded bees yellow?

the blue banded bee is yellow blue and black

Do blue tits eat bees?

Blue tits eat insects

Where are blue banded bees found?

Blue banded bees are native to Australia, and found all over the Australian mainland. There are over 80 species of blue-banded bees altogether, and they are also found in many places throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

What are blue banded bees?

Blue-banded bees are species of the genus Amegilla (tribe Anthophorini) that have blue metallic colored bands around their abdomens. These are typically Australian species that nest in the soil.

Can bees be any other color than yellow?

Yes, they can be another color than yallow. They can be yellow, red, or blue.

Do blue-banded bees cross pollenate any fruit?

Blue-banded bees are not used for cross-pollination with genetically modified crops. Although it would be a very rare occurrence, they might visit genetically modified crops if they nest in the neighbourhood, and might crosspollinate them.

What kill blue banded bees?


2 plants that blue baned bees polinate from?

they are like most bees and like many different types of flowers, except they love blue flowers hence the name blue banded bee.

What colour of flower do bees see better?


What color of a flower do bees see better?


What color of flowers do bees see better?


Are blue-banded bees endangered and why?

just tell me

What is dangerous for your blue banded bees?

you will die if i answer this question

Does the blue banded bee sting like other bees?

The blue banded bee (Amegilla cingulata) has been known to sting. However, they are not as aggressive as other types of bees.

What do male bees do?

male bees do not do any work. They do not live long.

Are there any clues for the Murder under the microscope blue banded bees 26.5.09?

Attention Answerers: you may offers clues, but not answers, to this question.