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Are there any books written on church leadership?

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The Power of Being a Servant: Church Leadership that Works, by Wesley Shotwell.

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One can buy books on leadership at any major book selling outlet, such as; Books-a-Million, Barnes and Noble, and Half Price Books. One may also borrow (and sometimes purchase) books on a variety of subjects at the local library.

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your question assumes the books were dropped. The church that existed long before the catholic church was established, already had a set number of books. that church is what is known as the protestant church today. long before the catholic Church came along, the books that were considered holy books were well established. the catholic church came alone and tried to add, all be it probably good books, to the books that would become known as the bible. the problem is they do not meet the standards required to be considered holy books. they are just regular books just like any other book out there. There are very rigorous test which any book that would become part of the bible would have to go through to be included. and those books do not meet those standards.

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What is the penalty of a Methodist church leader to his member who committed extra marital affairs?

The United Methodist Church does not have penance. The member may be asked to remove themselves from any leadership positions they hold in the church.

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Is there any time that deacons in a church can make decisions without bringing to the congregation?

In a Baptist church, the main duty of leadership falls to the pastor/preacher, who is expected to lead his church according to the Bible. He is free to appoint deacons (or have them elected, etc.) and other leadership roles as he sees fit. Some pastors prefer alot of help; some prefer very little. Any and all authority that the deacons have is determined by the pastor.

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